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Scrap the Dating Fan-fair for a Genuine Connection Dating, Mating, Texting, Sexing, Sexting, Meat marketing…It’s Wednesday night, you’re waiting for the Qonjit you met at that swanky jazz spot on Friday Night to call you back – she seemed into the music but way more into you.. I mean, you were exchanging smoldering looks over [...]

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I luh me a rich platter of cultures and perspectives …some pocky, kenke, some spicy pad thai, kitfo with coal toasted KoCHo and gomen be ayib, some falafel, tegabino shirro, butiCHa topped off with bubble tea or a mojito… I get intrigued that a certain arrangement of patterns, colors, monuments or objects tell stories, harbor [...]

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So I guess it was around early 2007 when I first stumbled upon bernos. I remember I found the link on a random post in the ESAi forum, someone saying it was a cool site. So, I went ahead and clicked. And suddenly, without prelude or agenda I found myself swimming in the depths of [...]