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Joshua 23 Comments

If I can count the number of times I’ve had a conversation with my Abesha friends of how we aspire to give back to our people back home in Addis and how it would be great to have an NGO or build a school etc…but when the opportunity arises to give back by sacrificing time [...]

Shitty News 38 Comments

I am a calm person, and I would like to think that some really bad news is not going to rattle me too much. Sometime the news is anticipated and sometimes is unexpected. When its unexpected, I get shocked but I am calm, I would wait for it to sink in. So it takes a [...]

Inspired: Big Giver 28 Comments

Watch Larry King Live on Thursday! I watched the final episode of Oprah’s Big Give, a show about charity and giving back last Sunday. And I was inspired; I was thinking about issues that people were having around them. Sorry to be ambiguous, but I am talking about the state of mind; depression, lack of [...]

right back atchya! 47 Comments

How many times do I hear my sister, telling everyone she talks to, every darn morning, congratulations you’ve made it to today?“ Too many times! She says it with a chirpy voice like she’s giving you the winning lotto numbers. My answer to her is always “right back atchya.” Does this woman ever give up? [...]

Bernos New T-shirts 114 Comments

Mekonentoch and Woyzazertoch! It is with great pleasure we announce our new collection of three new T-shirts on Bernos. A lot of work went on the making; from design to production to presentation. The three new designs are Ethiopian-Alien on gold American Apparel T-shirt, I Dream In Amarigna on baby blue American Apparel T-shirt & [...]