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Twenty Nine 21 Comments

I will be 29 on June 19th. Officially a geezer. Older than dirt? Not yet. I am not much of birthday-celebrating-type guy, but this year, I would like my birthday mean something different. I’m donating my birthday to charity:water— an organization dedicated to giving people access to clean water. They have had a tremendous success [...]

Sama’s abuse to great use 169 Comments

Sama aka nettle was used as a weapon of choice for disciplining kids in some areas back home.  It grew everywhere back home and I would think it is for the most part considered a useless weed until a child misbehaves and the parent goes out looking for it. Sometimes the mischievous child who got [...]

Springing 19 Comments

Spring is in the air. It is breezy and sunny. It has the feel of an Ethiopian morning . Be it windows, garage, driveways or basement, cleaning is underway.  It is like people are waking up from a lengthy sleep. Finally it is time to break away the last layer of the winter cocoon. Yes…the [...]

Cross Section of Addis & Georgia 58 Comments

photo source The smell of yerga chaffe fills my nose and I am taken by the rich seductiveness of its scent. It takes me to Lake Tana, to the buna farmers, and back again to where I am now. Where am I? I am sitting in my boyfriend’s family’s house after dinner and witnessing the [...]

arif macchiato 118 Comments

If you are like me… and like most people drinking coffee is an integral part of your daily routine. Be it one cup or five cups most of us drink at least once a day. The few people I know that do not drink coffee; I call them decaffeinaterians, annoy me! I drink coffee first [...]