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Evening w/ Habib Koite & Bamada 22 Comments

I travel through time embracing an identity foreign to my thinking faculties My soul however is not new to this place I have been here before This desert paradise where even the grains of sands tell a story Strum the guitar Pluck a kora string Whisper sweet nothings my Mandinka king Take me to the [...]

Giving Up 45 Comments

*sigh* A strong woman, feminist, independent, goal oriented. I have a right! “You have a right dammit!”, my alter ego emphasizes. Or do I? It only took less than 1 min for conception BUT 10 days for the verdict. For a split second, I was happy. The idea of something so precious was given unto [...]

Just Thought 230 Comments

Of My rebellious mind………… Sometime I do think about things Usually, there is no problem but me. I think I am afraid of everything but God. Well if I am afraid of everything then I admit! I am afraid of God too. Everything scares me! This is non enjoyable life-span. And I always want to [...]

Call him Micky 336 Comments

It was at the University of Maryland’s ESAi‘s annual culture show we were introduced to Mike E. There was so much hype surrounding him as an artist I couldn’t wait for his performance. I don’t think any of us were ready for what was in store for us. His performance began with an introduction video [...]

Apathy: 14 Comments

A Play in 2 Acts act i: this half-lit world wake up! technologies of alarms take knowledges of my dreams where i’d anchored my rancor and it flees … at dawn surreal fabrics of comfort undone unraveled at the seams it seems i awake from marvels not ever wanting to – not ever having to [...]