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The Drunken Foodie 25 Comments

If you know me, you know I love food. Yes I cook, but sometimes when you have a craving, it’s just that craving. The Manhattan from BooyeMonger, a delicious sandwich filled with cooked spinach, bacon and hot Roast beef with a house dressing; the crust from a wood oven baked pizza at Pizza Paradiso; the [...]

A Waitress Dilemma 213 Comments

I volunteered to write a column about my Abesha restaurant experience on Bernos after reading Nolawi’s very recent entry about Kitfo. I emailed Bernosoch and got myself nominated for the task. Even though I did not get the excitement and enthusiasm I expected from the Bernosoch, they nonetheless promised to publish my piece…I thank u! [...]

A Kitfo Dilemma 216 Comments

Don’t get me wrong I like Kitfo, especially good Kitfo. But this has to be the second most ordered food at Ethiopian Restaurants when Ethiopians attend. Here in DC, Dama Restaurant by public consensus has the best Kitfo; possibly in the whole US of A. Kitfo is good but I am tired of ordering it, [...]

Stuff I like 182 Comments

This is going to be a series of post with stuff I really like.  Basically I will post the stuff maybe a picture or a video or a link and a little description. Hey I like a lot of different stuff; let me know what you like? Ergonomics office chair – since I spend a [...]

Price of a good dinner! 50 Comments

This past week I moved to my new apartment as I’m still organizing everything. Including the kitchen…I still have to buy stuff for my empty refrigerator. So yesterday I decided to grab dinner by myself as I got Rigatoni pasta dish at a local restaurant. The bill including tip was 20$; which is the price [...]