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I thought this was an interesting post on hair stuff. Source

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Every upcoming holiday leaves me reminiscing about the holidays back home. The distinct smell and sound of holiday awakens an underlying homesickness that prefers to be dormant for the sake of sanity. Despite myself, like any other fool I am taken aback with all that glitter of the American Christmas. Come Christmas, I feel my [...]

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Although slowly, we here at bernos have been made some progress over the summer. We have been sending our products to retailers in various parts of the world. I remember when we first sent some bernos™ tees to a store in US Virgin Islands about 18 months ago. One of these stores is Agnes & [...]

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Image Source I know such a serious title to this post. I usually title my posts after I finish writing them.  This is one of those things I somewhat think about but never read anywhere. I remember Karl Lagerfeld the Chanel Fashion designer wrote a book around five years ago about his diets.  I heard [...]

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There are many crazes that keep me blissful or the better phrase ‘keep me content.’ Sometimes I go home on a Friday night after picking up a Thai dish or the perfect cheese steak sandwich from the place 2 miles south of where I live. I fix up the coffee table with my soda, a [...]