Oldies But Goodies VI 155 Comments


Gofere or Afro in English, is one of my favorite hairstyles on a lady. The first thing that comes in my mind when thinking about gofere are the women patriots (arbegnoch) that fought the Italians during the war and occupation of Ethiopia (1935-1941)  These freedom fighters fought side by side with their male counterparts and sacrificed their lives for the liberation of Ethiopia.

To me, a lady sporting a Gofere says, “I’m confident & smart,” (Angela Davis) ”I’m sexy” (Pam Grier & Tamara Dobson) and “I’m chic” (Esperanza Spalding.) I describe the latter as all four.  There something about the hairstyle that makes my head spin ala Linda Blair in “The Exorcist.”

But, I digress. This is not a piece on my obsession with the gofere, the hairstyle, but my obsession with the song “Gofere Hugnilign” (be my afro). The first time I heard “Gofere Hugnilign” it was in an instrumental version.

The piece was by Getachew Mekuria. Even back then (in the mid 1980s) there was something about the music that made me imagine what the lyrics were going to be like. A few years later another instrumental version graced my ears. This time it was a piece with Mulatu Astatqe on vibraphone that included Hailu Mergia on organ.  I love, love this piece…the vibraphone, the organ with a wonderful saxophone solo make this a standout.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Gofere by Getachew Mekuria

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Gofere by Mulatu & Friends

The instrumentals were always a favorite but I could not for the life of me find a vocal version of the song. That changed when a few months ago I was going through my box of cassettes and came through an obscure tape with a hidden gem. A vocal version by Getachew Kassa backed by The Walking Brothers, a band I can’t find any information on (the band’s inclusion on the 45 might be a mistake–a seasoned musician I talked to had never heard of them before). Wow! What a piece! The band is very smooth and along with Getachew’s vocals creates a beautiful and heartfelt combination.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Gofere Hugnilign by Getachew Kassa

The next surprise came a few weeks later while going through that same box I came across a cassette with the cover gracing Aster Aweke’s and Wubshet Fisseha’s photos. Among the many familiar titles was Gofere Hugnilign. Now, I’ve never heard this cassette before. I do, however, remember buying it at Mahmoud Records Shop in Addis Ababa back in 2007. The majority of the songs are duets with only the acoustic guitar as a back-up. Wubshet Fisseha is said to be the one playing.

At times I could swear I hear 2 guitars but, I could be mistaken. Both Aster’s and Wubshet’s voice intertwine giving this listener the notion that they might, just might, be lovers. This is by far my favorite version.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Gofere Hugnilign by Aster Aweke & Wubshet

The simplistic acoustic version makes me think maybe this is where its at.  I mean, I may be dreaming too much thinking that there might be a resurrection of the full band mode to combat the new onslaught of over-produced and over-synthesized Ethiopian music.

So, Zeritu, Teddy Afro, Gossaye and all the current producers in Ethiopia and the diaspora take NOTE!

For your listening pleasure I post the two vocal versions as well as the instrumental versions.

155 Responses to “Oldies But Goodies VI”

  1. 1 Tsedey

    Is it the same song that’s sang by Tsehaye Yohannes as well?

  2. 2 luli

    woynee Nolawi, I almost teared up … that was beautiful

  3. 3 lilye


    Beautiful discovery as always! Warm, fuzzy, teary, nostalgic….whatever it is that this type of music does to me! Hard to discribe. Thank you and more please!

  4. 4 Tayitu

    This brings back so much memory. Thank you so much EthioJazz, can I be your friend:)

  5. 5 luli

    oh lol … sorry didn’t see who posted it … tnx ethiojazz that was really amazin

  6. 6 Mamitu

    For some reason when I listen to old Amarigna songs I feel like it is Sunday night and I haven’t finished my homework. Arggghhh!!! If I could only pass that feeling maybe I might start to enjoy oldies.

  7. 7 SelamT

    thanks EthioJazz
    the simplicity, the beauty of the words,”lezza”

    love it!

    “So, Zeritu, Teddy Afro, Gossaye and all the current producers in Ethiopia and the diaspora take NOTE!”

    Yap so true. I agree

  8. 8 Tobian

    Ethio Jazz,

    Wow! Great music, great commentary. Thanks, man.

  9. 9 helen

    EJ, Simply beautiful. I am in awe of the love and knowledge you have about Ethiopian music. I learn so much every time I read one of your pieces. What I wouldn’t give to get a peek at your music collection.

  10. 10 Alazhar

    Ethio Jazz what can I say man… You’re such a genius brother .You’re one of the few people I came across that have such a profound knowledge about the Ethiopian old music. Of course Francis Falceto is the connoisseur on this subject that I’ve always admired. You described ‘Gofere’ in a different and beautiful way. Honestly you made me see beauty in Afros along with the lovely music!I always liked Getachew Kassa and this one was sweet as ever.Keep up on the research and please do share us your discoveries on these subjects as usual. Thanks

  11. 11 Nolawi

    For the people that do not respect aster’s skill and knowledge and vocal range take this…

    Wui Wui aster & GIGI is the only ones that is left from decent vocalist… let me know if I am missing someone

    there is no one else…
    so i agree the two guitar version is my favorite too


    Anyways takes so betam..

    And I think it might be time to write a book Ethio Jazz! You need to write a book…

    Modern era of Ethiopian Music.. covering 50′s 60′s & 70′s

    it could be a ten year project… i will raise the fund

  12. 12 EWNET

    This makes me too emotional and homesick .I don’t feel this nostalgic when I listen to teddy afro and the other modern musicians .I think the music we listen to as kids have lasting effects on us .
    Now this people are natural musicians ,vocalists or dimtsawians .Their voice is so calm and soothing .They don’t try too hard .I am tired of those teddy wannabes(not that teddy is the best)who just blare meaningless words with the same beat.The instruments are too loud and make it impossible for me to determine if they are real vocalists or rather “artist” as they lovingly label themselves .

  13. 13 Dinich


    Once again thanks so much. I honestly doubt if there is any other person on this planet that has the depth of knowledge, the passion, the collection, even the pictures that you have on Ethiopian music.

    I second the book idea….I think u can do it….If you can put together all the blog entries you have posted here so far over the past few years, that is a bulk of the work….

  14. 14 yebolelij

    Next to washint, the saxophone is another instrument that makes me want to run back home whenever I listen to it.
    Very nostalgic indeed.
    The instrumental ones bring back memories of ETV, where they show different ethiopian sceneries and historic sights , after there is an interruption with a program because of “ technique bilishit” lol

  15. 15 Anonx
  16. 16 shtoni

    EJ, it’s an absolute pleasure to see you posting again.

    these songs are testament to the ethiopian knack for poignant music. i love it.

  17. 17 Nightingale

    Ende enante, don’t forget Mekia. She is also great eko. Love her lyrics.

  18. 18 selam

    15 Annox ????????????

  19. 19 munit

    EJ, thanks so much
    I miss home.

  20. 20 Sakita

    The version with Aster Aweke is lovely!

  21. 21 Ethio Jazz

    Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments.

    Tayitu: I thought we were already friends:)

    Mamitu: don’t know how you can get over your fear of hearing Amharic oldies but get over it soon–as you know there are way too many classic pieces to miss out on.

    Helen: if you are ever in the Houston area look me up to peek all u want.

    Alazhar: Totally agree about Francis Falceto as being the connossieur of Ethiopian music–his collection surpasses any in this field.

    Nolawi: I love the old Aster–not so much the new. Gigi is great as well but I thought you loved Bezuye the most:)
    As for the book idea…i don’t know man–I’m not focused enough to start and finish a book. I hope it happens one day, but I’m too scattered brain right now.

    EWNET: I agree 100%.

    Dini: If you saw Falceto’s archives–I’m the penny to his dollar:)–no comparrison!

    yebolelij: I do remember those “technical bilisht” breaks…great memories.

    shtoni: You’re right, it has been a while since I posted–hopefully I won’t be away too long before my next post.

  22. 22 Nolawi

    I am talking about the alive one… from the dead ema

    mary armedi sp
    asnakech worku

  23. 23 lilye

    Asnakech Worku died??

  24. 24 Ethio Jazz

    Ok Nolawi but, last time I checked Asnaketch Worku is still alive.

  25. 25 tpeace

    ohhhhh man! nolaw u hit the nail on the head! fantastic idea about jazzy writing a book about ethio music…seriously, what materials have we got that inscribe this amazing and rich history???

    jazzy thanks for sharing abo…i loveee it — do u know how far back these ‘gofere’ references date? hair has been a statement of a way of thinking and being from way back when aydel?…fascinating how music and art retain this

  26. 26 Anonx

    Selam lol… I am slow and just now figured out what the multiple question marks could possibly mean. Yea that song is def. not a V-day song. I was on youtube searching for oldie but goodie V-day songs and I accidently found an Amharic version of one of my all time favoret song and thought what the heck let me see what Bernos thinks. I picked a wrong theme for the right day though… lol

  27. 27 hewe

    Jazzye, uffaa ANJET ARES yehonk sewuye!! betaam arif blog entry, excellent music and amazing akenebabari neh!! Thank you so much bewenet.

  28. 28 Mamit

    Nolawi, Asnakech Worku is sick but still ALIVE…AreTuff Tuff Bele

  29. 29 Mamit

    EthioJazz thank you for the post. I love oldies and people say I have an old soul for such a young person.

  30. 30 Ethio Jazz

    tpeace: “Gofere” the song has been around for a long time in different forms. Its actually a traditional song sang by azmaris. Don’t know when the references started but would be interesting to find out–I’ll probably dwell on it when I have some time. Its interesting to note that a lot of azmari songs always list the type of hairstyles when describing a lady-other than the famous(gofere, shuruba etc) one there are obscure ones as well like sadula,kukuba etc (don’t ask me what they look like :)

    hewe: thanks for your kind comment.

    Mamit: keep rocking the oldies…

  31. 31 helen

    Thanks EJ, I might just do that and bring my ipod… probably the only reason to ever go to Houston. :-)

  32. 32 Mengedegna

    Another great entry, EJ!! I totally second the book idea. All this rich history has to be documented and preserved.

  33. 33 Addis Tunes

    There is such honesty to these old songs!!! Just pure creative passion… Brother EJ, thanks once again for your commitment to keeping this alive!

    AddisTunes Home

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    “realy i like it because .i have .take very high evaloetion . to our .music suand system .”

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