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Wrong Price 35 Comments

I recently went into Sachs Fifth Avenue after work because I needed these very specific shoes, and lo and behold, I found a pair  that was reasonably priced. In Sachs Fifth Ave, I generally expect everything to be $500+, and my pair was, after a ‘sale’, around $100. So I bought it. Keza, tedesasetkuna … I went purse shopping. [...]

Woooorld Cup Qualificator 66 Comments

We are here at work (dotmike from BlenCorp) but we are not working. One of my African buddies has created an a little gadget antenna that lets him watch the game on a small laptop hidden away in the corner of the cubical. We have also been arguing who will make it and out of [...]

ohh soccertime 107 Comments

I haven’t been able to concentrate enough to think straight the last week let alone work. I have been watching the first world cup in Africa. Tshabalala & Drogba are my two favorite players this cup. I have never been able to understand true fans of soccer that root for teams other than their own. [...]

The Default 201 Comments

What I call reading today is not what reading is really is? I continue to buy books but just use them for reference or skim through it as fast as I can while I am simultaneously listening to music. I can’t really remember reading a full book with no distractions. The default reading for me [...]

Forenji Olivia Wyatt 40 Comments

Ethiopia from olivia wyatt on Vimeo. Filmmaker Olivia Wyatt went to Ethiopia to document the music of 13 different tribes for her a film on tribal Music on Ethiopia. Along with the film, she took some Polaroid’s of her experiences with the locals. The shots somehow found my inbox via two sources. See more on [...]