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Sound Off! 25 Comments

Happy 2009 for all the Bernosians all over the woorrrld! Don’t regret shit, take a big risks for 2009. Also tell us how much you looooooooooooooooooooooooooovee Bernos!!

Yes, Single So What? 148 Comments

They have been living together for two years, and the girl who was sitting passenger side started grilling me. So do you have a girl friend? Why are you still single? Are you happy? Don’t you get lonely? I am not a private person nor am I one to shy away from standard personal question. [...]

Festivus Gifts 46 Comments

Festivus -  a holiday born of necessity. I am not much of a Gift Giver, but I do have to get a very few special people something for the holidays. Something quick & easy; just to say I am thinking of you, or I am also giving you a gift for you giving me a [...]

Nolawi's Crew(s) 364 Comments

A ‘Crew’ for this blurb is a noun which Webster has nicely described as: A group of people associated together in a common activity or by common traits or interests” I do ‘get- togethers’ I call them; at my place on average about every two months. It’s a small place, except the kitchen, the kitchen [...]

On Sleeeepin' 341 Comments

I am one of those victims of the Web 2.0. The details are checked moment by moment. I would stop my movie to find who the cinematographer is; what other film(s) has he being involved in; why the colors in the background are dark; and etc. Thus, I end up spending countless hours in the [...]