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Mama Africa Songs 423 Comments

This is a new one I really loved. But I do remember the one below from the 90′s. Although there are a lot of African Mother songs. Most of them terrible.

Mitmitta Musika 265 Comments

As winter was fast approaching, I made it a point I needed to travel somewhere warm this year. I was not going to get stuck in another “snowmaggedon”. You’d figure that after all of these years living abroad, I’d get used to the cold or learn to appreciate it. So i decide to make my way [...]

bernos™ via Agnes & Lola on CNN 325 Comments

Although slowly, we here at bernos have been made some progress over the summer. We have been sending our products to retailers in various parts of the world. I remember when we first sent some bernos™ tees to a store in US Virgin Islands about 18 months ago. One of these stores is Agnes & [...]

Hey Africa is Big 105 Comments

We forget how big it is because of the lack of socio-political influence on western culture, I think. Africa is bigger than North America, China and India combined. Yet, in the news I hear more about China or India everyday. Africa is out of mind and out of sight for the westerners. 

bernos™ has a new home 274 Comments

Yes we know its been a while but we are still here! Summer of 2010 is almost over but it was very good. We went to San Jose for ESFNA in July. It was exciting to meet some of our west coast bernos™ fans. While in San Jose, we introduced our new bernos™ shirts. If [...]