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Mitmitta Musika 265 Comments

As winter was fast approaching, I made it a point I needed to travel somewhere warm this year. I was not going to get stuck in another “snowmaggedon”. You’d figure that after all of these years living abroad, I’d get used to the cold or learn to appreciate it. So i decide to make my way [...]

bernos™ has a new home 274 Comments

Yes we know its been a while but we are still here! Summer of 2010 is almost over but it was very good. We went to San Jose for ESFNA in July. It was exciting to meet some of our west coast bernos™ fans. While in San Jose, we introduced our new bernos™ shirts. If [...]

munit 331 Comments

Nolawi wrote a piece about Munit’s video “Noro Noro” a little over a year ago. He was referring more to her style of music and how much he loved the fact that it was not synthesized, or over synthesized, like a lot of Ethiopian music nowadays. I don’t remember how I met Munit, but I [...]

Hello World 2,247 Comments

When it comes to Ethiopian/Habesha mainstream musicians I’m always skeptical about the talent, or lack thereof.  Yes, you can call me a harsh critic.  I have my circle of friends to thank for that and who were nice enough to groom me into the music lover I am today. Betty was introduced to you, the [...]

On A Day Like This… 31 Comments

As a music lover, I’ve always been open to different genres and musicians. I always want to hear the next best thing.  Over the last few years,  I’ve been privy to a lot of new and good music. Meklit and I have never met. We have mutual friends and have heard about each other. It [...]