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A bernos Open House 42 Comments

It was great to see everyone who made it to the bernos first Open House. As we the bernos crew would like to say A BIG THANK YOU to all the people who braved against the weather forecast in order to attend our first OPEN HOUSE. We were happy to see how many people showed [...]

She was in my dream 32 Comments

It was no surprise that I would dream of a person I had seen only twice. Magical moments and surprise stunners of beauty and kind hearts are meant to be dreamt. So this time, I had dreamt of a beautiful lady whom I’ve fancied quite a bit. I still remember the very first moment I [...]

je suis d'afrique 159 Comments

Yes, I am of Africa. Why the français? You might ask; I belong there in every conceivable language. What a contrast! geographically, physically, mother to us all. Made up of her brown soil, she is a continent with a gracious and epic past, that will continue to hold her allure over us. Sure, she’s had [...]

Wondata that is 98 Comments

Selam Hizboch- I am back, Michael Jordan style to bask in the glory that is Wondinet Haile and the inner workings. It’s been 10 months since my last article, and I am doing better than ever. I am wiser and more handsome. I was recently in DC; we decided to check out the most popular [...]

d'afrique Apex 23 Comments

Two entities start off and converge at the apex like that off my favorite episodes of the Seinfeld TV show. George Constanza became a marine biologist while Kramer became a bad golfer who trained by hitting the golf ball in the ocean. This episode ends with George revealing his struggle with the whale, and eventually [...]