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Scrap the Dating Fan-fair for a Genuine Connection Dating, Mating, Texting, Sexing, Sexting, Meat marketing…It’s Wednesday night, you’re waiting for the Qonjit you met at that swanky jazz spot on Friday Night to call you back – she seemed into the music but way more into you.. I mean, you were exchanging smoldering looks over [...]

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I have a friend who always buys present to girls in his life; expensive ones, considerate ones, cheap ones and significant ones. A friend, a female one once asked me why I agonize about time; time I spend with potential mates while they are still potential… “as long as you are sharing the costs. I’m [...]

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I have been struggling with something on my mind. Philosophy is study of problems of many things. For example you could find me starting my sentences with “my philosophy…” Ethics is a branch or an extension of philosophy that address right versus wrong. Everything and anything at some level becomes an issue of ethics. Friendships, [...]

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The words for dating always confuse me. I don’t understand how dating differs from hanging out; if you go on a date does it mean you are dating? Blah blah I personally just call it talking. I am talking to this girl. If we hang out a couple of times, i.e., we go on a [...]

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I was just browsing the web, reading the reviews of customers who bought a certain products on Amazon; scanning to see if a book is popular or lame. I found that half the people think that the author is a pretentious bastard who can’t write for shit and then other half either thought the book [...]