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my Favorite Things 2,537 Comments

Oprah has her favorite things shows, and it’s amazing. I have a few favorite things now that I think about it.  But want inspired me to write today after a long absence is the new IPAD 2. Here is my list in no particular order. Roku Player : you can connect it to any TV [...]

Mama Africa Songs 301 Comments

This is a new one I really loved. But I do remember the one below from the 90′s. Although there are a lot of African Mother songs. Most of them terrible.

Abesha Curls 3,793 Comments

I thought this was an interesting post on hair stuff. Source

Beauty and Fashion 560 Comments

Image Source I know such a serious title to this post. I usually title my posts after I finish writing them.  This is one of those things I somewhat think about but never read anywhere. I remember Karl Lagerfeld the Chanel Fashion designer wrote a book around five years ago about his diets.  I heard [...]

Protocol 139 Comments

I have a friend who always buys present to girls in his life; expensive ones, considerate ones, cheap ones and significant ones. A friend, a female one once asked me why I agonize about time; time I spend with potential mates while they are still potential… “as long as you are sharing the costs. I’m [...]