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the budding cactus 37 Comments

Almost everyone knows what happened in the state of Arizona last week or so I presume. Gov. Jan Brewer signed a new law that makes it a crime (not illegal mind you) to be in the state of Arizona without proper documentation to prove your legal status. The entire debate is framed ridiculously, mainly concerning [...]

Obama’s Soft Care 10 Comments

That is what they call it, the republican pundits that is.  Currently I am in my office working but with my headphones on. I am quietly listing to the Obama’s bipartisan health care summit. I and those around me, those of us that sacrificed money as well as time to get Obama elected are finally [...]

Confirm Receipt 30 Comments

I started writing an article this morning about email etiquette; you see I have a few friends I email constantly. Then I realized that I have already scripted my feelings. This one girl, who is a platonic friend and have been exchanging emails with me for about 4 years now, recently changed her style. Those [...]

The Drunken Foodie 28 Comments

If you know me, you know I love food. Yes I cook, but sometimes when you have a craving, it’s just that craving. The Manhattan from BooyeMonger, a delicious sandwich filled with cooked spinach, bacon and hot Roast beef with a house dressing; the crust from a wood oven baked pizza at Pizza Paradiso; the [...]

State of Mind 31 Comments

Besides being a popular phrase; ‘state of mind’ is the perspective on which you look at situations. Yes my definition because I was not able to find my application of the phrase online being described. Objects in mirror are closer than they appear” I love that phrase because perception is not reality; and reality is [...]