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its an Habesha Life 77 Comments

Episode 2 The Film continues, I am still hooked! I love drama, dating worE.

Unshrink the bernos 28 Comments

I wanted to wear my first edition “Addis Ababa Classic Tee” Sunday eventing but it was missing for some reason. I pretty much have every bernos tee except two which were stolen by freinds, family and or girlfreinds I suspect. Now I did have one that was medium but I could not fit it in [...]

So, Say It! 63 Comments

This is not about being blunt, or rude. It’s just expressing how you feel! Sometime you just have to say it. You did this to me and it makes me feel this way. So I said it, and he said no need to be rude, I am busy. I know for a fact he is [...]

its an Habesha Life 80 Comments

Episode 1 It’s a series of short stories with the same characters, dealing with all sort of life issues.  From what I have just seen this is some serious set of films; I will be promoting each episode as they come out whenever.

Sound Off BeQa’A! 51 Comments

The number of ambiguous single words you made up; he excuses you came up with; the number of times you decide not to speak, all conspired so that you don’t have to express your self. I recently had something scheduled in my calendar. One of those things the crew does together and as the organizer [...]