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inviting our own deaths 131 Comments

My eyes scan the room falling upon the anxious faces of somebody’s loved ones. I witness their anxiety mirrored on my face. There are five patients in the room. On my right lies a motionless man. He was the driver of a car that overturned and killed his assistant. His loved one sits caressing his head. Close [...]

Twenty Nine 22 Comments

I will be 29 on June 19th. Officially a geezer. Older than dirt? Not yet. I am not much of birthday-celebrating-type guy, but this year, I would like my birthday mean something different. I’m donating my birthday to charity:water— an organization dedicated to giving people access to clean water. They have had a tremendous success [...]

Weekend Marriage 73 Comments

I see her every morning in my commute to work.  She is a pretty woman; probably in her early to mid thirties.  I immediately recognize her.   I know her.  Not her personally, just her ‘Ethiopian-ness ‘— if there is such a word.  I always smile and say hi and she does the same but we [...]

The Drunken Foodie 28 Comments

If you know me, you know I love food. Yes I cook, but sometimes when you have a craving, it’s just that craving. The Manhattan from BooyeMonger, a delicious sandwich filled with cooked spinach, bacon and hot Roast beef with a house dressing; the crust from a wood oven baked pizza at Pizza Paradiso; the [...]

for granted 123 Comments

I struggle with this; being complacent is one of those things that come with consistency in our lives. Stability, resilience & security are some of the things we strive for as we get older. In reality though in our lives —although stable with basic necessities — we are dealing with problems that come and go; [...]