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Twenty Nine 21 Comments

I will be 29 on June 19th. Officially a geezer. Older than dirt? Not yet. I am not much of birthday-celebrating-type guy, but this year, I would like my birthday mean something different. I’m donating my birthday to charity:water— an organization dedicated to giving people access to clean water. They have had a tremendous success [...]

Accepting with Grace 42 Comments

I hate Mondays. Two weeks ago, I watched the new flick by George Clooney — ‘Up in the Air.’ The characters on the film worked as bad news messengers for big corporations. They basically go and tell that an employee has been laid off. There was a somber scene where a grown man was crying [...]

Barack to Ethiopians 37 Comments

This morning, Ethiopians for Obama received a letter from Senator Obama recognizing the importance of the Ethiopian-American community. Check out the full  letter. This is really important because the Obama campaign will be giving more and more attention as we become a more powerful voting bloc.

The Final Stretch 91 Comments

(Updated) Hi I’m Mike. For those of you who know me, I am sure by now you know how keenly I have been supporting Barack Obama for his presidential bid in the past 10 months or so. Honestly, the sheer thrill of being part of something bigger than I has been the most rewarding experience [...]

the ethiopian i did not found 76 Comments

part I i wrote this email to my friends about three weeks ago about my experience in Ethiopia. for what it worth, i thought the bernos community would like to hear about some of the things I experienced. enjoy. any feedback/questions/comments are welcome. ————– it’s been some 18 days since I got to addis and [...]