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my Favorite Things 3,787 Comments

Oprah has her favorite things shows, and it’s amazing. I have a few favorite things now that I think about it.  But want inspired me to write today after a long absence is the new IPAD 2. Here is my list in no particular order. Roku Player : you can connect it to any TV [...]

Mama Africa Songs 423 Comments

This is a new one I really loved. But I do remember the one below from the 90′s. Although there are a lot of African Mother songs. Most of them terrible.

Abesha Curls 3,830 Comments

I thought this was an interesting post on hair stuff. Source

Mitmitta Musika 265 Comments

As winter was fast approaching, I made it a point I needed to travel somewhere warm this year. I was not going to get stuck in another “snowmaggedon”. You’d figure that after all of these years living abroad, I’d get used to the cold or learn to appreciate it. So i decide to make my way [...]