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inviting our own deaths 113 Comments

My eyes scan the room falling upon the anxious faces of somebody’s loved ones. I witness their anxiety mirrored on my face. There are five patients in the room. On my right lies a motionless man. He was the driver of a car that overturned and killed his assistant. His loved one sits caressing his head. Close [...]

Ego Daycare 23 Comments

Dear Members; It has come to our attention that some individuals have become an impediment rather than a driving force for the goals we have set out to achieve as part of Operation Team Work. We have had several complaints from fellow members that some people have refused to leave their egos at home when [...]

Evening w/ Habib Koite & Bamada 20 Comments

I travel through time embracing an identity foreign to my thinking faculties My soul however is not new to this place I have been here before This desert paradise where even the grains of sands tell a story Strum the guitar Pluck a kora string Whisper sweet nothings my Mandinka king Take me to the [...]

Shushhh Mama! 19 Comments

Only her Mama witnessed that glazed look spread over her face. Mama saw the clouds cover her eyes as the sun shone on her heart. Mama knew what was happening and she warned You better be careful now honey…you be careful now.” But what did Mama know anyhow? She couldn’t wait to prove Mama wrong [...]

Their Lessons 19 Comments

There are those that have touched me in so many ways. Some have left indelible prints on my heart while some but a whisper of a touch on my soul. To those I am grateful. Their essence is that of a baby’s first breath of life — so pure. There are those that have enriched [...]