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Toxic Love 63 Comments

Her face glowed with momentary delight and her eyes had a twinkle. Her smile and excitement were so contagious that one could hardly refrain from sharing her glee. She was at that moment where it seemed she always wanted to be. That moment was special and worthy of savoring for it was one that did [...]

Repositioning Knowledge 471 Comments

I was recently volunteering for a non-profit organization that was hosting a Pan African film festival as part of its racial tolerance and cultural promotion endeavors. In a city where a black face is pretty scarce, it’s events like these that draw all of us out from our little holes and bring us together to [...]

Begging Performances 21 Comments

“Sile Mariammmmm, sile Giorgisssssssssssss,” they chant one at a time. Funny, I’ve never heard “sile allah or sile Mohammed.” Mothers with babies nestled in the crook of their arms – at times tugging on a visibly malnourished breast – sometimes the babies are dolls covered in netela.. “Sile ayne birhannnn,”- the blind, grasped at the [...]

Raising a Gender 32 Comments

On lazy Monday evenings when there’s really nothing interesting enough to watch on my meagre twenty-eight TV channels, I watch ABC’s reality show ‘Wife Swap.’ I find amusing the ridiculousness of polar opposites butting heads as they try to impose their personal beliefs onto another family. This hour long reality show follows two American families [...]

The Dark Side 45 Comments

“So, what brings you here today,” he asked. “I have not been feeling well for a few months now. I’m always fatigued, severe morning headaches, sleepy all the time, backaches, irritable, trouble concentrating, hungry all the time…” “Okay, sit up over there and let me check some things.” This mini Ye Genna Abaat look-alike proceeds [...]