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There are those that have touched me in so many ways. Some have left indelible prints on my heart while some but a whisper of a touch on my soul. To those I am grateful. Their essence is that of a baby’s first breath of life — so pure.

There are those that have enriched my life with genuine interactions. The type that have woven poignant memories into my tapestry of loving, of being, of life! By those I am forever hypnotized and held captive in the grasp of authenticity.

There are those whose kindness has mesmerized me and made me question my benevolence. Their compassion and generosity but a glaring ray of sunshine to my candlelit humanity. Their eternal light beckons me to rise above the bed of shadows I lay in comfortably.

There are those that have helped me create new words to measure my displeasure at them. Those that have enabled me to be an accomplished author. Who knew my thesis on ‘How much I hate you,’ would win me accolades?

Those that have encouraged me to discover how many ways I can distort my face in sadness, anger, resentment and bitterness until the mirror laughed back. To those I am forever indebted, for I know their task in life has been to teach me that what goes up must come down – only my ego did not have a parachute.

There are those who have presented themselves in hideous forms. Their presence annoying. Their existence disappointing. Yet they are the everyday reminders that there is still room within me to expand. To grow. To consider their horrible presence as one of a blessing in disguise! That blessing be the chance for me to see, what in them I hate, that I see in me.

And there are those who are at peace. Whose presence extends beyond boundaries of form. Whose essence sprays the scent of humility, of authenticity. Those who have a profound grasp on the formless and immaterial entities. I salute those for they have surpassed the limitations of sorrow and regrets and rejoiced in the depths of awakening. Those that enable me to feel the soft caress of kindness and sweet embrace of love shuddering from an orgasm of spiritual intensity.

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  1. 1 ep

    this is a great writing from a poet i.e. MM..!!

    but it is unfair for me to refer dictionary many times…


  2. 2 chuni

    beautifully written :)

  3. 3 Anonx

    MM, I searched for ‘How Much I Hate You’ on Amazon. Not avaliable. Is it out in book form or as you said only a thesis?

  4. 4 Selam

    MM…what a lovely writing…but I must agree with ep..I had to refer to the dictionary more than once. Thanks for sharing

  5. 5 Wurgatu

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  6. 6 Wurgatu

    MM,is the pic also ur choice?? i wounder!

  7. 7 maebel

    One of the nicest articles I ever read on Bernos. I greatly admire the poetic choice of your diction.

  8. 8 wudnesh

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