Shushhh Mama! 14 Comments

Only her Mama witnessed that glazed look spread over her face. Mama saw the clouds cover her eyes as the sun shone on her heart. Mama knew what was happening and she warned

You better be careful now honey…you be careful now.”

But what did Mama know anyhow? She couldn’t wait to prove Mama wrong – she had it wrong all along! This was different. This was special you see.

No brush had ever colored the canvas of her heart like this. No fingers had fiddled the strings of her sensibility quite the same way. The two of them, they had heard unwritten hymns. They spoke in tongues of a two person nation.

They read in nocturnal bliss with the light radiating from their aura. They touched with hands etched with the healing power of an unbreakable bond. No perfumer could capture the natural aroma of two souls enveloped in the promise of an undying love.

In Fall, hope leaves changed colors, dried out and fell one at a time. But Spring came quickly to restore their original vitality. And when it rained, as the old saying goes, it poured!

Winter unleashed its venom in torrential rains that flooded the season’s harvest of trust, respect and security. But Noah of the heart quickly built his ark in time to save the two and float them to dry lands where the heat of the summer ignited fires of passion and forgiveness. And so it went like this in seasons. Every winter they fought off bolts of lightening. When hail the size of fists punched through roofs, they patched up holes and assembled buckets of compromise. When famine hit, they went into their reserve for sustenance until the next harvest season.

But slowly one reserve emptied out faster than the other.

She watched as the luscious grape he was in her eyes slowly spew out its moisture and dry out into a bitter raisin. The pot of gold she had put up on a high pedestal for the purity of its content had fallen from grace until all she could now see him for was just another empty vessel.

She donned the black shawl of death and mourned the loss of the unscathed love in all its virgin glory. The melodies of yesterday had faded now. Yet in her ears, Mama kept on droning, “You better be careful now honey…you be careful now.”

14 Responses to “Shushhh Mama!”

  1. 1 Hidaya

    Masinko Melody you write beautifully,very poetic thank you for sharing it. I don’t know if I got it though, is this about resilience in the face of hardship or disillusionment with love?…

  2. 2 Dinich

    Let me guess….

    This is a mother advising her daughter about that boyfriend….for the daughter it is her first love, she is all excited and what not….for the mom, it is all about fear of pregnancy, break up etc….

    Unfortunately, that first love of grape turned into bitter raisin and now the daughter realized that mom was right…

  3. 3 Nolawi

    lol Dinich,
    Indeed I think she is having man trouble

  4. 4 Anonx

    First, MM, sad written beautifully.

    Second, I wondered if that grape would have instead turned into a sweet raisen had SHE not made a mistake:
    She said ‘knock yourself out, mating season for you, my kings of the animal kingdom, is ’till you drop dead’, while the rest of her creatures received a rigidly regulated mating season. Your description of the seasons and how we all relate to them differently, from the hunter to the prey,lead to that observation. Is there an evolutionary explanation for the year long mating? I think I would gladly accept spring as the only mating season, I know Nolawi would agree….That way it would stay a grape, but if the juice is sucked dry, it would remain sweet.

  5. 5 Mitti

    wey gud!!!
    it left me breathless. I have to say though … Dinich and Annox … LOL!!! But back to the piece, how beautiful!!?? It’s been already said but poetic, sad, so full of beutiful images … good job! would love to read more of your work …

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