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Your Own Lies 46 Comments

We rationalize, and rationalize our actions. I pride myself in telling the truth,…” One would say and then just lessen the blow to ones integrity. I am sure I am guilty as well, I live my life in a way I am comfortable, but I know there are things in my life I have to [...]

the ethiopian décor 88 Comments

Or how the west perceives the Ethiopian family; I first saw the creation of an Ethiopian family in the ‘somwhat‘ mainstream media three years ago when on one my favorite directors Jim Jarmush made a film about a retired womanizer. Anyways the Don Juan, who was consequently named Don Johntson played by Bill Murray had [...]

Selam had a sister? 99 Comments

This happened several years ago but I remember it like it was yesterday….. I received a call, “leqso endetedershe, ye Selam ehet arfalech” I said “ Ehet? What are you talking about she doesn’t have a sister she only has two brothers. Which Selam are you talking about?” She replied, “The Selam we both know.” [...]

A Friend Anywhere 102 Comments

I was trying to find where I can use the internet when a voice asked, “Habesha nesh?” I smiled and confirmed. He was an Ethiopian who worked at the Zurich airport. I was surprised to find another Ethiopian. I was similarly surprised once when I had a layover in Minnesota and I noticed there were [...]

Mittu Mittu Mittu 76 Comments

I love my mother. She’s a strong and loving person. But sometimes she is unbearable. As long as I can remember I have translated things, filled out forms, and made phone calls on behalf of my mother. Although never discussed it was always assumed anything that involved speaking English would be handled by me. Oh [...]