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Falling 72 Comments

While the temperature is cooling down our online hours is heating up, as we are pleased to commence our latest urban inspired fall design. This season we wanted to blend our strong African influences by infusing the colors of Rastafarians, the spirit of Fela Kuti, and our love affair with earth’s color. Afrobeat Afrobeat is [...]

ESFNA the Recap 48 Comments

Sometime in the nineties, I vaguely remember my friends saying they are going to an Ethiopian Soccer Tournament at TC Williams High School in Alexandria, Virginia. Other than that distant memory I had no familiarity with ESFNA or with its vast outreach. So I was stunned, I think that’s the best word I can use, [...]

You Get 1st Dibs 24 Comments

Have you heard? If you haven’t, the Ethiopian Annual Tourney is going to be in DC this year. Bernos is going to be there! So make sure you find our booth. For our customer around the world, I am sorry we won’t get to meet you in person but as promised, you get 1st dibs [...]

Bernos at ESFNA 22 Comments

The above picture is from our booth at the the African Dance Explosion event last week. Unfortunately we can’t show you the other pictures since we don’t want to show the images of the new bernos tees we are launching next Thursday. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Ethiopian Soccer Tournament hosted by Ethiopian Sports [...]

Our label 69 Comments

We are still here and around. We have in the past couple of month been somewhat busy working on two designs of which one concept called Heart Africa will be available in the next two weeks. We have also been approached by wholesalers who have shown interest in carrying the bernos brand in their online [...]