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Selam had a sister? 100 Comments

This happened several years ago but I remember it like it was yesterday….. I received a call, “leqso endetedershe, ye Selam ehet arfalech” I said “ Ehet? What are you talking about she doesn’t have a sister she only has two brothers. Which Selam are you talking about?” She replied, “The Selam we both know.” [...]

Romance Ethio style 237 Comments

There’s romance then there’s romance Ethio style. How he addresses me and talks to me in both Amaregna and English in itself leaves me speechless. When he say’s yene konjo, nefse, or ewedeshaleu it melts the skin off of me but I’m not selfish I give as much as I receive if not more. I [...]

Baby, can we talk? 552 Comments

I feel defining your relationship and your mutual decision to be or not to be exclusive is very important. Many couples spend time dating but never discuss the point they’ve crossed from just seeing each other to being committed. Exclusivity doesn’t apply to every relationship but having “the talk” should. I’ve heard some people say, [...]

Yilijoch Gize! 139 Comments

Whose party is it anyway? I went to a wedding or was it a child’s birthday party? I kinda got confused the phone call I received was an invitation to a 4 year old birthday. Upon arrival, I asked myself did I misunderstand is this really a wedding? What’s with some Ethio parents giving their [...]

Anche Qil 51 Comments

Growing up I was always afraid of the dark and I remember one night I was so scared because my sweet ehet decided to tell me they’re coming after me, but she didn’t say who they were. I imagined the leboch or geboch coming to take me away from my happy home. What is a [...]