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I wanted to wear my first edition “Addis Ababa Classic Tee” Sunday eventing but it was missing for some reason.

I pretty much have every bernos tee except two which were stolen by freinds, family and or girlfreinds I suspect. Now I did have one that was medium but I could not fit it in and viola I found a solution online.

And it worked

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  1. 1 masinkomelody

    That’s pretty cool Nol. Though i’m not so sure about the look of the Tee at the end.

  2. 2 Nolawi

    Indeed its betam amazing the ability to stretch cloth chemically…

  3. 3 DawitK


    I’m not sure about you guys but the t-shirt sure looks dry coming out of the washing machine and into the dryer…

    Beside I truly doubt that you can unshrink a t-shirt that has been shrunk!

  4. 4 saronm3

    i have my doubts about this, but if you have tried it and it worked, well good to know, and thanks for the info.

  5. 5 Anonx

    saronm3–It works I saw it on the clip :)

  6. 6 saronm3

    lol Anonx, how you been brother? anynika yebrah!! nisika kab belka beqa amine aleku.

  7. 7 Sarah

    Are you kidding me that clip is crap thankx nolawi, just missed up my t-shirt

  8. 8 Anonx

    saron-I am doing well, edey yimesgen :) , only worried about the not so fortunate. (iza gual hawiki/habtiki kan koynuwa ab 3 worhi neqisa :) )

    lol at Sarah, what was your circumstance that you tried to stretch one?

  9. 9 Nolawi

    Hi Sarah, if its a bernos tee, and you can prove that its messed up then I will buy u a replacement :)

  10. 10 Anonx

    …elects Nolawi and Sara for so far fara of the year for needelessly wasting water and electricity (our planet comes first before your waist line) :)

  11. 11 Sarah

    Nolawi no it is not bernos tee, but i don’t mind having one;) Anonx…..entay maltke ub 3 werhi…….

  12. 12 anonx

    Sarah- iti tigrina yilemedelu’ye zeleku… Saron tray aytkori

  13. 13 saronm5

    Anonx, lol, u know, u are right. actually i was suppose to update it every month. but i have u to remind me.
    btw, nay mintay mikuray, betaemi yeshik ember

  14. 14 Anonx

    saron: and how are you doing? thanks for the update and happy to remind, see qum neger aleni shetan mis wesaley.

  15. 15 saronm5

    anonx, i am doing very well thank you. shetan kiwesalka emo kilite shewate edliyeka alo, and i will put some money to help cover the expences.

  16. 16 Selam T

    To unshrink a T-shirt is simple. Just have an over weight person wear it for a day.

    Simple solutions for simple things.

  17. 17 Mestika

    LOL Selam
    Not a bad idea but Selam, have you heard about Meqedaded? you will only be able to use the Tee to mop the floor or throw away afterwards.

  18. 18 Petite

    So, did u ever find the missing tee Nolawi??

  19. 19 Anonx

    @Saronm5– Thank you for the money…lol. dont you think the kilte shewate in addition to your much earlier atan is a little bit costly not too say much that all this is too many presciption. hakimey do kibl weysi redaetey?

  20. 20 saronm5

    Anonx, lol. weyy guuudd…. neither hakim nor redaet, however since you publicaly announced that you have shetan, its the least i could do.and are you enjoying your etan? i was hoping you’d be done with it by now.

    ohh! i got it , i think its the etan thats strengthning your shetan. i say quit that and do kilite shewate.

  21. 21 tsI

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  22. 22 Raleigh

    I was just telling my friend about that.

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