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Besides being a popular phrase; ‘state of mind’ is the perspective on which you look at situations. Yes my definition because I was not able to find my application of the phrase online being described.

Objects in mirror are closer than they appear”

I love that phrase because perception is not reality; and reality is relative perception. Are you confused yet?

I have heard people say, ‘he/she hurt me;’ and the fact is he/she did. And that is reality! If someone feels hurt it’s a fact, regardless of the action that caused the hurt by general measurable standards was considered hurtful.

So being hurt is a ‘State of Mind.

I find myself saying, I don’t care if it works out it works out and if doesn’t then so be it. Eventually I believe it, and then I live it and truly I didn’t care.

I just found out some news that could have been looked at as either a positive or a negative. I found myself looking at it negatively and being unhappy about it. But in reality since the news is a fact that I can’t change, I should have tried to look at it positively so that I could actually be nonchalant about it.

30 Responses to “State of Mind”

  1. 1 sewit

    That picture is fantastic. What kind of camera do you use?

  2. 2 Nolawi

    that picture is not me.. and the camera doesn’t matter

  3. 3 chachata

    I think it’s an American concept to think that one should never be unhappy. I’m not saying you should seek thinks to make you dissatisfied, but you can’t gloss over negatives simply because you can’t change the current state of things and pretend like all’s dandy. Deal with things and move on.

    Also that pic is an HDR … so of course the camera matters :-p

  4. 4 Nolawi

    the pic is not hdr

    and i did some post production on it.. but its not..

    also any camera with a tripod can do hdr!

  5. 5 tpeace

    speaking of what chachata was talkin bout:

    and they call the plug shameless for what?


  6. 6 endalc

    than you about for this your .state maind. .waw this is verey uniqe .tip for espeical friends , so i have memorey . i was play .with my friends .

  7. 7 Nolawi

    all right endalc whatever you are saying I appreciate you!

  8. 8 Alazhar

    what the…@ #6!

  9. 9 sewit

    Nolawi: Touché

  10. 10 kelli

    Excellant post…and I am totally with you on this. I don’t know about Chachata’s comment about the American concept statement, (can we say generalization?) but otherwise I agree. It is perfectly natural to react to situations in life as you did. I don’t think you should feel bad either about your process and way of dealing with the news. What builds character and reveals your spirit to the people around you is how you react, embrace, and deal with the news…and LIVE.

    Btw…the picture is gorgeous. ;0)

  11. 11 chuni

    It’s a brilliant idea and it works…I don’t get mad or angry for months at a time. Things just don’t bother me much. If i can change the situation i’ll act on it, if not I waste no time moving on. But after years of practice, I feel like i’m loosing my passion for things. i guess too much of a good thing is bad for you *shrugs*

  12. 12 tpeace

    sometimes i think apathy and boredom run a similar track…and a lot of times they run into the emptiness…

    maybe what I’m saying makes no sense…but well…

  13. 13 Dinich


    I feel ya…

  14. 14 Pride

    I agree perception is not really. People might perceive you a certain way based on your outward appearance, the reality might be far different when you dig deeper. Its a fine line between perception and reality :-)

    Nolawi, how the whole article ties in to the subject matter?

  15. 15 Nolawi

    I don’t understand the question? isn’t perception & reality the whole article?

  16. 16 SaraA

    Very nice article….but u saying that u should deal better with it because it’s a fact (last paragraph)…that’s you thinking with your head. Sometimes in life we tend to also think with our heart only and that’s when we get hurt/disappointed etc…and we can’t deal with the fact.

    I’ve learned that using your head to deal with situations make things a whole lot easier.

  17. 17 ep

    I am totally confused here…

    In your example, are you saying that, if someone trying to hurt you is “just perspective” or “state of mind” …. or the way you react for the hurting action is “state of mind”… ??

    I hear some religious sects using this word like “hell” and “heaven” is “state of mind”… I hear motivational speakers, using it a lot..

    I think, for me, “state of mind” is delusional persecution

  18. 18 nolawi

    BesaQ EP BesaQ

    I think, for me, “state of mind” is delusional persecution

    that is very funny..but i don’t think it has anything to do religion…

  19. 19 ep

    ooops …my bad typo ..and browser spell checker

    delusional perspective

    it totally took me out of context, i guess

  20. 20 Nolawi

    oh i c!

  21. 21 Tasewu

    so what does it meann by being in a good state of mind….anybody?

  22. 22 Mah

    Nolawi-welcome to my world. As a psychologist this is exactly what I help people do on a daily basis.

    You may have heard a PBS guy named Wayne Dyer (sp?) put it this way:

    “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

  23. 23 datdude

    “As a man thinks so is he” -King Solomon

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