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A Giant Step Backwards 68 Comments

In this historic election, America voted the first African-American into the highest office of this land. A big step forward since the long-standing history of prejudice and racism. Wow! As most would say. But at the same time, Americans took another gigantic step backward when they voted to deny a man and a woman’s sole [...]

What if…? 33 Comments

It was around 4 am on a Tuesday morning when my phone alarm bursts into some up-beat rock-metal kinda toxic sound. Reaching to the top of my drawer, I grabbed the phone and hit DISMISS. Normally I would have to hit snooze so many times; that by the time I get out of my bed, [...]

She was in my dream 32 Comments

It was no surprise that I would dream of a person I had seen only twice. Magical moments and surprise stunners of beauty and kind hearts are meant to be dreamt. So this time, I had dreamt of a beautiful lady whom I’ve fancied quite a bit. I still remember the very first moment I [...]

Love @ 1st sight? IV 67 Comments

This article is a follow-up to Love A 1st sight? parts One, Two and Three. It was quite a rainy day in South Beach Miami that afternoon. A category 4 hurricane has been reported to hit the south side of the peninsula in just about 12 hours. Cool ocean-breeze-turned-to-gusty wind blazed through the window swinging [...]

Culture vs Crime 83 Comments

She sits before a broken desk looking at her daily schedule. She makes notes and plans for the future of an organization she single-handedly created. Children rush into the classroom; shouting, yelling and waking her of her daily routine. "Good morning Mrs. Amina", the kids greeted her as they enter. "Good morning children, please have [...]