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Selam Hiz’boche, salutations from Wondu and the marvel that is Wondinet Haile. Two years prior to last I had been in Moscow after years on Wall Street and my only connection to Ethiopia was bernos. I bought the entire bernos tee collection and connected with Nolawi and his tales, who I admire for his ability [...]

Stuck in the F zone! 98 Comments

I met her about two years ago, when she joined some of my friends for drinks while I was on vacation. There was some chemistry or so I thought. I left but couldn’t get her out of my mind, I contacted her from distant land casually and we talked every so often. The subject was [...]

Wondata that is 98 Comments

Selam Hizboch- I am back, Michael Jordan style to bask in the glory that is Wondinet Haile and the inner workings. It’s been 10 months since my last article, and I am doing better than ever. I am wiser and more handsome. I was recently in DC; we decided to check out the most popular [...]

Empowering Ethio-Males! 141 Comments

Selam Hiz’boche –back at you, once more to lecture about an alarming anxiety. The Ethio-male, too often are being depicted as struggling to express themselves emotionally in appropriate ways, unable to think and feel at a deeper level, and sometimes not even good at ‘traditional male’ pursuits, including that of professionally and socially outside of [...]

ethioperfumoholics! 147 Comments

Selam Hiz'boche – Reappearing yet again to bask in the grandeur that is Wondinet Haile and my inner workings! Endete SenebetaceHulegn! I come to the land of Bernosowch out of wholly concerned for the Ethio-Ladies. Tissue paper is used for NefT lemenafeT. If you have sinus, allergies or stuff nose; get some DayQuil, NyQuil, Benadryl, [...]