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Sound Off! 101 Comments

I am going to start a new tradition here on bernos. Today’s we “Sound Off!” Sound off something enlighting, complain about your 401k going doing the hill or the lack off no sound investment. Things you want to do in your life; last time you got laid, what you eat for breakfast; where you buy [...]

Hey GuregNya, 31 Comments

En anglais; not really stuck up, more like conceded with something stuck up the whole. I will let you professionals translate what exactly GuregNya is. She told me that I moved ‘slow;’ I didn’t know what she was talking about at the time. I really couldn’t figure her out though. She is paranoid and really [...]

Stuff I like 178 Comments

This is going to be a series of post with stuff I really like.  Basically I will post the stuff maybe a picture or a video or a link and a little description. Hey I like a lot of different stuff; let me know what you like? Ergonomics office chair – since I spend a [...]

Shushhh Mama! 14 Comments

Only her Mama witnessed that glazed look spread over her face. Mama saw the clouds cover her eyes as the sun shone on her heart. Mama knew what was happening and she warned You better be careful now honey…you be careful now.” But what did Mama know anyhow? She couldn’t wait to prove Mama wrong [...]

Time to Give! 13 Comments

Cyber Monday is the ceremonial kick-off to the online holiday shopping season occurring between Thanksgiving Day and Christmas. As is the tradition here at bernos, we are doing the same great deal we have done for the past two Christmas. Free Shipping on all bernos T-shirts between Dec 1st and Dec 18th. December 18th will [...]