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Festivus a holiday born of necessity.

I am not much of a Gift Giver, but I do have to get a very few special people something for the holidays.

Something quick & easy; just to say I am thinking of you, or I am also giving you a gift for you giving me a gift; something more than a candy cane but not as fancy as an Ipod.

So here is your chance to let me know some gift ideas without knowing who the person is and what the person likes.

Obviously can’t buy it online so it would have to be something that can get picked up easily.

39 Responses to “Festivus Gifts”

  1. 1 Nifas

    gloves,scarves, jewelery case, books…

  2. 2 Tsedey

    books, beauty kits, fine wine, belts, spa certificates, fragrances.

  3. 3 Bez

    happy festivus lol, that my favorite show eva you just put posted so I had to comment. Anyways some might say its not personal enough but gift cards should do the trick for most people. They have many gift cards (ruby tuesdays, movies, clothing stores, shows, bla bla) for many different places in one store, so you can knock out many gifts at once. If you run out of time that is the best gift I can think of.

  4. 4 Zema

    I am not a big fan of gift cards. Part of gift giving is taking the time to think about the person at the receiving end…what would please her/him…you know a personal touch. I feel gift cards are a way of saying… “I don’t want to be bothered to figure out what you like but i am obligated to get you something.”

  5. 5 Nolawi

    ya take the gift card idea out… i also want this gift to be more personal than scarf and gloves without being too expensive…

    lets try harder you guys

  6. 6 Weregna Lij

    If you have thier picture … I’d give them one of those digital Photo Album or digital key chain, but i don’t want ya to worry too much about this Nol…. just get me Hookah! ya know it’s on top of my list :)

  7. 7 masinkomelody

    I love gifts that have a very personal touch! Something that shows an effort has been made towards giving that gift is awesome…put your skills to use and make them one of a kind t-shirt that is reflective of their interest or something only the two of you know…an inside thing!

  8. 8 A Meanie

    ” i also want this gift to be more personal than scarf and gloves without being too expensive…”

    you want a personalized gift ideas from the public that say ‘I am thinking of you’?

    :scratching head:

  9. 9 Mitmita

    Key Chain with subscription

    a book – with a note from you (even if it is a coffee table book)

    good luck and let us know what you end up getting

  10. 10 C

    A relaxtion package. Starbucks gift card, movie tickets, a candles or incense.

    I am always happy to get a new scarf. OR games – Taboo and Scattergories are two favs along with like a deck of cards and a checkers/chess board. I am such a nerd.

  11. 11 C

    And is there a budget to this gift?

  12. 12 Hidaya

    Nolawi if it is the personal touch you like then use your knowledge of what you know about that person and get them a gift based on that knowledge…accessories including hats, Joe Malone grooming products and his scented candles too,semi precious stones in costume jewerly or vintage clothing or beauty products, a book maybe…

  13. 13 Nolawi

    no budget.. but i have to pick it up tomorrow after work…

    lets say somewhere in the of no more than 100$

  14. 14 wudnesh

    Merry Christmas everyone..here is my gift to you:

    Nol’s gift, errr, let’s see
    WOMAN: -Been to her place {know chair color etc.? } get
    her a nice TABLE RUNNER (try Pottery Barn).
    -1yr subscription to her fav magazine. I know I
    appreciated it when I got Helm courtesy of Bernos
    (thank you guys again!)U can give her the receipt
    or confirmation with a card (until she gets it
    in the mail.)
    I also like the Book and Spa certificate ideas
    -Tickets for a good show (for u and her..uhu-uhu)

    MAN : ayyii,I can’t imagine Nol bothering to ask for a gift idea for a man…is def for a woman! NO?

  15. 15 C

    Okay. I’m a big fan of giving lots of smallish gifts so I’d go with (assuming this is a girl) A bernos tee (how come I didn’t think of that?), candle, picture frame, a book of some sort (maybe the Obama memoir or if they like to cook, a cookbook – there’s a good 40% off coupon for Border’s floating around the internet), maybe a journal and a nice pen to write in it with. Put it all in a nice box (acquired from the party store where they are nice and cheap) et voila, job well done!

  16. 16 Nolawi

    its not for a significant other.. its a girl but this girl is the most unselfish most supportive and normal personality woman.

    We are not involved in any way other than a casual platonic freindship and she is always helping everyone all the time without asking for anything in return and so I thought i should give her a gift.

  17. 17 munit

    Yea Meron deserves a nice gift.

  18. 18 Nolawi

    its not meron

  19. 19 Weregna Lij

    How about an organizer! A nice cute desk organizer


  20. 20 Zagol

    Bernos Tees.

  21. 21 Nolawi

    thats pretty good. I am off to the mall to pick something

  22. 22 D-mac

    So Nol what is it gonna be?

  23. 23 endalc

    ..will . but im not get .good condetion. chenge gift .with my all friends gift . because . i have.t good condetion . live to comferm , so please .tray .thienk to me how is live this guy . about .i know you will . please .live life .refugee. i have long time lost. to my every thing. until i have .al most 29 years ago youg . how ever . i ahve.t. drew .comforem to my fewtuerty

  24. 24 guleet

    endalc, so well put!!! betam ismamalehu

  25. 25 hewe

    Endalc, how about not using the dot or full stop “.” at every sentence like ‘hulet neteb’ in amharic…basically just write without.doing.this.seriously. melkam.gena.

  26. 26 Midwestern_Habesha

    Hi Nolawi,

    I have been reading your post for sometime and never had the opportunity or shall we say …. “The Courage”…. to post comments.

    I guess, the holyday season (spirit) brings out the best of us (yehagere arbaratu tabotoch misgana yidresatchewna) –after surviving the ax and the chopping frenzy of Corporate America (I am still keeping my finger crossed), not to mention the precipitous plunge of my 401K to a bottomless pit (btw they keep telling me “unrealized loss is on paper only”, “you are too young to worry about it” –but my Habesha_self tells me a bottomless pit is A BOTTOMLESS PIT and it would take some time to climb out), one tend to experience a great deal of humility. Humility tend to remind us, however short that may be, all things we take for granted in this blessed adopted country of ours can easily slip away from our reach.

    With such humility in mind, just before it gets clobbered by the never ending attention we give to the mundane and hectic day-to-day life, I propose we give the gift of giving to our sidetegna brother and sisters –let’s donate or sponsor a child back home on their behalf through whatever charity you like, such as SavetheChildren.org.

    I hope my message does not come across as a lecture on moral high ground because I definitely know that I should not be a candidate for such task –quoting Obama, “It is above my pay grade”. If you don’t believe me, well then how about you blame it on this godforsaken Midwestern winter – it would drive people nuts and make them say crazy stuff hahahaha…

    Well my dear Habeshotch,

    In the spirit of “Festivus for the rest of us”:
    -May the coming year bring you love, peace and harmony.
    -May God bless emmama Ethiopia
    -May God rid emmama Ethiopia from short baldy dictators with Napoleon Complex


  27. 27 Nolawi

    bakish sharrup with the charity neger… might i say what a bad first post….

    you are gonna come in with spam for save the children



    so the gift was a basket… and she is happy with it.

  28. 28 wudnesh

    A basket….? why do u want us to ask you this question, y not just tell us? a fruit basket? cosmetics? wine? yemin basket?

  29. 29 hewe

    Wud, it could be a basket in ‘habesha’ sense of way…aka koshsha metaya (laundry basket or waste basket) :)

  30. 30 wudnesh

    hahaha….hewisha, minew benatish, he said it’s for someone nice eko :P

  31. 31 hewe

    Ain’t nothin’ like practical gifts, she might need it at her house eko……Yenolawi Chechhh maletes??

  32. 32 Nolawi

    no its a basket, kinda sorta storage bin

    It looks like this but its brown and has a cover minamin
    so that she can get organized with all her papers neger

    speaking of gifts i also got a friend of mine a moleskin notepad

  33. 33 wudnesh

    hewisha, I think u know this guy better.
    Of course she’d appreciate the thought…but I bet she was hoping there was something else inside and that you didn’t just get her the basket :P

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