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I am one of those victims of the Web 2.0. The details are checked moment by moment. I would stop my movie to find who the cinematographer is; what other film(s) has he being involved in; why the colors in the background are dark; and etc.

Thus, I end up spending countless hours in the world wide web reading and searching every available data there is on everything. It’s an obsession; eyes glued to a monitor somehow has an effect on our sleep, or so I’ve heard.

Maybe that is it. I don’t get enough sleep, I think. I sleep an average of 5 hours a night. It used to be that on the weekends I would catch up on the lost sleep of the week. But nowadays I wake up right at 8:30 am just like the weekdays, no alarms no nothings, even though I get to shut my eyes at 3 or 4 am.

I plan on sleeping sometime during the day; I make the usual Saturday morning breakfast, Egg, Bacon and Provolone on wheat with raspberry jelly and a jug of coffee. I relax, I watch a movie talk on the phone.

Right about 4 pm, I want to take a nap, turn off the cell and lay on the Sofa. The TV on I stare at it and before I know its 9 pm. Depending on the weekend, I have plans to go out or no plans at all.

Just another Saturday wasted with no sleep, no groceries picked, no projects completed and no laundry dropped.

This past Saturday though, I changed it up. Instead of making the usual breakfast I got on the computer went over my project(s), made a grocery shopping list, and then went to Chipotle for lunch.

I picked up Tylenol PM, went home took two and then I went to sleep in the day time. My phone rang all day but I didn’t hear it. I woke up feeling refreshed around 10 pm.  I finally did my groceries at midnight and used Sunday to complete my project.

Right now I feel like I finally got the sleep I have been waiting to get for a few months.

336 Responses to “On Sleeeepin'”

  1. 1 zema

    sew moten yemiyahil neger askemito endet enkilf yitegnal ?

  2. 2 fano

    my motto is semot eteyalehua

  3. 3 fano

    Listen Nolawi, what the hell are you bitching about? People don’t have time to sleep for various reasons. I don’t think your job is that stressful. You have all the time in the world to read random shit online as a result you aren’t sleeping??? Give me a break if I am suppose to feel sorry for you. I know for sure you sleep over 8 hours every night. May be you should tone down the drama for sake of attracting blog readers. Turn off your PC, TV and go to bed.

    Try working over 16+ hours a day and see how you would feel at the end of the week. You will be so exhausted and won’t be able to sleep when you get a chance over the weekend. Trust me your situation isn’t bad at all.

  4. 4 Nolawi

    listen fano;
    why don’t you tell us what exactly you do and why do you have to work 16 hours.

    please tell me I am very curious

  5. 5 Aynaddis

    As I understand it, Nolawi’s ‘inability’ to sleep has nothing to do with his work load. I have been there…well, i’m still there…so I know. It doesn’t matter if you work 16 hours or 6 hours a day. It doesn’t matter if you don’t work at all. Sometimes you just can’t sleep and all you can think of is getting on the web and googling up everything you can possibly think of or logging into your favorite chat-room or blogging like there’s no tomorrow or watching TV… You do these things not because you have the time or the energy. You do it because it’s the only thing that can hold your attention constantly. The web has supposedly all the answers so why take your eyes off of the monitor. Or why even sleep?

    Nolawi, i swear to God I feel you. I am actually in a relationship with my laptop and all that it has bestowed upon me. If i’m not in class, if i’m not reading, or if i’m not hanging out with friends, i gotta be in front of my laptop…it even has a name which i’m too embarrassed to reveal! The web is addictive. But above all it’s not threatening. In a way, it’s a safe haven…i’m afraid, at least in my case, even safer than sleep itself. I used to sleep for 8 hours or more. Now, you find me wide awake on a Saturday morning. No, i’m not a morning person…i’m just restless and the web is my refuge!

  6. 6 wudnesh

    weyewww, this makes me feel beTam good…knowing I am not the only one. Last Sunday I broke my own record…was still in front of my laptop at 9am, decided I might as well have breakfast before calling it a ‘night?’ and going to bed! I didn’t feel as bad as the other days coz at least I half-completed some of the projects I had to do. I promised to myself I won’t spend more than a few hrs online on numerous occasions …yrs later, I still do. Maybe we should think about a support group :P

  7. 7 Abush

    I’m just like you Aynaddis! But I’m trying to get rid of facebook,Youtube and Myspace(abet yewere timat)! These three websites are eating my time like hell! On top of that the addictive habesha blogs hahaha…anyways I’m taking a long vaction and hopefully I assume the time has come to think about the things that I should avoid! My new year resolution list is getting longer and longer…

  8. 8 Nightingale

    Aynaddis benatesh what is the name? Curious……

  9. 9 AmeleworQ

    Sleep is overrated

  10. 10 Aynaddis

    Nightingale…I like the name by the way
    Well, his name used to be Habte. At one point he was my Habt and JUST THAT. A couple of months ago I realized he was more than that. So, i named him Nefse. Now, Nefse has taken over my nefs…like literally! Btw, i’m glad to know i’m not the only one and we should seriously consider a support group like Wudnesh suggested. I’d start by saying, “Hi, I’m Aynaddis and I am a/an….” is there even a term for it?

  11. 11 Dinich


    lol…how about cybermaniac, or cyberlicious, or Cyberzombi, or cyberaddict, ….or may be electronicated…..

  12. 12 Aynaddis

    Lol Dinich, I’ll go with cyberlicious. The others really sound like a disease…not that it’s not…but still…

  13. 13 Tsedey

    How about Insomniacs…

    “Insomnia is a symptom[1] of a sleeping disorder characterized by persistent difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep despite the opportunity. It is typically followed by functional impairment while awake. Insomniacs have been known to complain about being unable to close their eyes or “rest their mind” for more than a few minutes at a time. Both organic and non-organic insomnia constitute a sleep disorder.[2][3]”

    Courtesy of wikilicios

  14. 14 Aberash

    I love my sleep so much that I don’t have neither internet not TV at home.
    I would not give up my sleep for nothing especially not for internet nor TV. On average I sleep 8 hours every night and if I don’t have exams then I stretch it to 10 hours.I love my sleep because I wake up so refreshed. Every morning I am so energetic that I don’t need coffee or any of the energy drinks.
    And I have a very smooth skin and I am always calm and composed which sleep helps me maintain…..

    Sleep is very important and I advice all internet junkies to get enough of it. Trust me… you will be more productive and happier in the remaining 16 hours:)

  15. 15 spacefog

    I hate sleeping. I don’t remember ever sleeping more than 5 hours. I feel like its a waste of time.

  16. 16 WUDNESH

    I guess u’ve never had a love-hate relationship ;)

  17. 17 munit

    “I love my sleep so much that I don’t have neither internet not TV at home.
    I would not give up my sleep for nothing especially not for internet nor TV. On average I sleep 8 hours every night and if I don’t have exams then I stretch it to 10 hours.I love my sleep because I wake up so refreshed. Every morning I am so energetic that I don’t need coffee or any of the energy drinks.
    And I have a very smooth skin and I am always calm and composed which sleep helps me maintain…..

    Sleep is very important and I advice all internet junkies to get enough of it. Trust me… you will be more productive and happier in the remaining 16 hours:)”

    how old are you? you must be 15

  18. 18 Aynaddis

    It’s not that I am an internet junky. In terms of classes, work etc. I guess i’m as productive as i can ever be. However, Nefse (that’s my laptop) is the first thing i think about when I wake up in the morning; the last thing I look at before i go to sleep; and all my “free” time in between is devoted to him or his kinds. And yeah, i admit it takes away a lot from my sleep but getting rid off the internet??? There has to be an alternative…I love Nefse way too much to cut his vein. But I kinda admire you for doing it. But don’t you feel like you’re missing out? I’m sorry…I’m still trying to comprehend.

  19. 19 fano

    Are people spending a lot of time on the internet for lack of social interaction? You must afford to sit all night on the web since you don’t have anyone to spend it with. What is the point of hours and hours of internet surfing at the cost of your sleep. Treating a laptop as a friend and calling it Nefse tells me that the real person nefse is missing from your life girlie. Like every addiction, there is a trigger. I say it’s loneliness. People look for companionship in social interaction webs such facebook and myspace and so on.

  20. 20 Anyaddis

    You are soooo wrong…I have enough Nefses in my life. It’s just that this one is beginning to be as important. There’s work, school, social interaction…everything you can think of BUT the time I spend in front of the monitor is on the rise. In my case, it came at the expense of sleep and definitely not social life. I know sooner or later, this “lack” of sleep is gonna have ripple effects and that’s what i’m worried about…
    btw, are you the one who works 16 hours a day?? I wonder how you get your “social interactions”

  21. 21 Nightingale

    Fano, I am with you.All things in moderation.
    Aynaddis, you better relax your eyes and body intervally or………. And one more Q You said there was school, work socail interaction and all but is there a man?
    I think the best way to overcome one addiction is by replacing it with another one.I mean a better one or with less side-effects……what do you say?
    And tanx for the compliment.

  22. 22 Aynaddis

    Men come and go…Nesfe sticks around and actually manages to hold my attention and maybe that’s why i love him. But yeah, you’re right. Everything in moderation. And believe me i’m working on it. In other words, i’m trying to find another addiction; a less detrimental one…hence men are automatically out. But I kinda have an idea what the next object of my obsession is gonna be…will let you know when I find out for sure (:

  23. 23 Nightingale

    Wishing you all the luck in the world. And Nefse is a him?…….lol

  24. 24 Aynaddis

    Yeah it’s a HIM…yeah, yeah, i know….lol

  25. 25 Nifas

    i always sleep when i get bored.

  26. 26 Mengedegna

    I think sleep is a sign of desperation of the body and a symbol of death, which you should avoid by all means.

  27. 27 Nightingale

    As for me it is a means of refreshing the mind and the body.

  28. 28 maebel

    Bizu Tebazu Enkilf Atiwdedu
    Midrinm Muluat!

  29. 29 chuni

    sleep is what i do to escape from my thoughts.I sleep a lot when i’m stressed.

  30. 30 Mestika

    Sleeping is recharging our body. Even a good battery needs to be charged if it is a rechargable kind. Otherwise it is dead. We cant avoid sleep. It clears up the impurities in our body/mind and soul. I smile for no reason or just happy even when you are doing the same thing you do everyday. Well, that’s my idea of getting a good sleep.

  31. 31 ep

    My doctor friend advised me to sleep more to increase the White Blood Cell count…

    For those sleepless heros…read the following study

    Sleep deprivation and White Blood Cell count

    Or search more about this and then get better sleep…

  32. 32 Anonx

    I was once lectured in a psych class: we have no clue why the body needs to sleep. All the organs still function in sleep, not at the active rate, but still at the rate when you relax or hypnotize…

    I hate sleep cuz I struggle to wake.

    Mengedena-why avoid death? you can’t! I am sorry to be the first one to tell you this :)

  33. 33 yachilij

    “I think sleep is a sign of desperation of the body and a symbol of death, which you should avoid by all means.”


  34. 34 ep

    I think your Psych class is just guessing….

    Organ systems during sleep

    I am pretty sure that we are designed in such a way we need also some sleep… If you try to defy that , CheriQihin Tileh Tabidaleh .. one day…

    I’m trying to have more sleep getting out of the Web 2.0

  35. 35 Mestika

    I am ready for a nap just from reading sleep bla blah……

  36. 36 Wurgatu

    “bi_u teba_u enkilf atiwdedu enkilf yewededu enemanin weledu”….

  37. 37 Worknesh

    I am not 15. I am 23, going to one of the top Uni in the country working part time 15-20 hours a week and with additional two volunteer jobs, one in a research lab and the other in the community.
    So I have my plate full, and one of the things that helps me manage my time is getting sufficient sleep the night before so that I am energetic enough to go about my day. It has worked very well for me….

    I applaud u for admitting your ‘nefse’ situation ….and I hope you deal with it accordingly, even if it means ‘cutting the veins’.
    And I don’t feel like I am missing out because I don’t get a kick out of it in the first place.
    But like you said, moderation is the key for everything…..

  38. 38 Worknesh

    I am not 15. I am 23, going to one of the top Uni in the country working part time 15-20 hours a week and with additional two volunteer jobs, one in a research lab and the other in the community.
    So I have my plate full, and one of the things that helps me manage my time is getting sufficient sleep the night before so that I am energetic enough to go about my day. It has worked very well for me….

    I applaud u for admitting your ‘nefse’ situation ….and I hope you deal with it accordingly even if it means ‘cutting the veins’.
    And I don’t feel like I am missing out because I don’t get a kick out of it in the first place.
    But like you said, moderation is the key for everything…..

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