Yes, Single So What? 141 Comments

They have been living together for two years, and the girl who was sitting passenger side started grilling me.

So do you have a girl friend? Why are you still single? Are you happy? Don’t you get lonely?

I am not a private person nor am I one to shy away from standard personal question. Yes, I am single, I am not trying to be but I am and I am quite content with my life for the most part.

No, I do not have a problem getting a date. I get dates, and sometime I get some other stuff too. I am not looking for casual physical encounters but since it happens it happens.

Are there nice normal girls that I have met? Yes, quite a few, but I didn’t feel strongly about them and I feel like its quite draining to be in a relationship with someone who I don’t see a future with, just because they are nice, normal and attractive.

Besides, I really feel guilty stringing along a girl who really wants marriage and family just because she is available to be strung along. There is really no point in postponing the inevitable breakup of a short term relationship just for sex or companionship.

I have also been in a position, where I have felt that I would want to be in a committed relationship with someone who for some reason was not ready or didn’t feel strongly about me as I did about them. I give it a shot but I don’t bend over backwards to make it work.

Lady friends of mine, tell me ‘you know it takes work.’ Maybe it does but there is no need make something that apparently is not working to work for fear of being lonely or not getting enough.

I am getting the vibe from a lot of people that single is not normal and is actually depressing. Maybe marriage is a societal norm but single is not depressing at all.

I am quite content.

141 Responses to “Yes, Single So What?”

  1. 1 endalc

    .how you noise . me thank you so much you about for this your artical dear friend . you know . dear friend yes until im live a sigle ..because . i have not get .good condetion . comform . to my life . atend to my fetuerty .. how you know live
    founder of new family .make resbonsblity ..this is not eisy for me . i have long year see estand to very far awy / until . so i thienk you nosie will bater me you have free chance .make descess . with your friends family .meby you have meny esmart. intelctuwal . more good unerstaneding .people so you can get good life nolewdge make to them .you know im not live with my famliy .i have several problem . im ran 24 houres solive . to my life .refugee. life meins not make it eisey .so please i have several problem .

  2. 2 Bez

    Tell them you dating your right hand and your left hand. And if you feel frisky sometimes both at the same time haha

  3. 3 Zema
  4. 4 Zema

    Yet another clear and concise remark by endalc !

    Nolawi…if you are not looking for “casual physical encounters” and if you find it “quite draining to be in a relationship with someone who I don’t see a future with” then what exactly are you looking for?

    And Bez .. u are too funny

  5. 5 Nolawi

    zema, i am looking for a relationship that is not draining… :) besak i thought i made it clear already

  6. 6 helen


    As a woman on the other side of 30 (I am 32) and single, I hear the same things from friends and family and I sympathize with you. I broke up with my bf that I dated for three years about two and a half years ago and haven’t dated anybody seriously since. In the beginning it was because I was really hurt by the break-up but after a while I got comfortable being on my own. It is kinda selfish just thinking about oneself but I like it. I like me I don’t mind my own company. I am not lonely by any means. I have a lot of friends. And I go out sometimes but I haven’t met anybody that I wanted to date exclusively and I am okay with that. But my friends are always pushing me to date and to not be so picky. I don’t think I am being too picky I am just looking for someone who would bring something to my life as I would to his. I am not looking for someone just for relationship sake so I won’t be alone. If I find that someone great if not, oh well…

    So I don’t worry too much about what others say. You know better than anybody what is good for you.

  7. 7 story

    Each time i come back always something real on your blog. You are the best. Im in the same boat as you only difference with me is I am a bit pessimistic meaning I am actually starting to think all relationships are draining. To be honest I am actually getting into relationships and quickly breaking up before things get serious and move to the next guy so forth. THis may sound strange but I am doing this because things are always great in the beginning so I am jumping from one beginning to the next to avoid draining feelings that will follow once things get serious.

  8. 8 Midwestern_Habesha

    Dear endalc – I am genuinely confused, I am not sure if it is a joke or it is for real. If it is for real, may I politely suggest Microsoft Word (Alt-> T->S) for spelling? Is there Amharic to English online translation site out there? That may answer my confusion –I have seen some funny Chinese to English translation on “Don’t Eat My Butchela’s blog” few months ago.

    Anyway, back to Nolawi’s topic.

    I kinda agree with Helen’s comment. I am just looking for the perfect soul mate and I am not going to give up until I get what I am looking for.

    If you ever find or know Habesheet with the following qualities, let me know, that is if you didn’t grab her for yourself:

    •Fiercely independent, without losing the classic and elegant touches of Habeshawinet.
    •No nagging – just good ole open communication. I don’t need to consult Aba GebreHana type to translate the Worq from the Sem –if you have any issues, for God sake just say so.
    •Sexually progressive. I hate inhibition –if you are not free with the person you love, what‘s the purpose of loving??

    Until then, I will continue to enjoy my dear americawi (wotch) –where I live, I hardly see any Habesha anyway.

  9. 9 Nolawi

    mts midwestern

    what kinda inhibitions did you encounter with abehsawiwoch!

  10. 10 Wurgatu

    nolisha, kemir anjeten araskewu!!
    i second helen in all she said.

  11. 11 Ellegagne

    being one of the singles …enjoying singleHood is the best thing ever other than the family who are at the back of yourhead telling you your biological clock is ticking … and ppl pittying you mts weyyyy Koma litiker eko new …. ayeeee … hulu belijnet yamiral ere minamin blah blah ,,,but they thing that most of the ppl miss is there should not be any compromise in happyiness …i want to be happy and i want to stay happy … aleke ! its like a lock of a safebox ..when you hit the right numbers the door to the safebox Birged bilo yekefetal

    …and bez thats funny

  12. 12 datdude

    story should change your name to hummingbird, jumping from flower to flower only to suck the nectar and leave. Hummingbirds serve a purpose, they fertilize other plants by carrying pollen along in the selfish endeavor, I hope somehow there is a positive corollary in your case. :)

    endalc, your abstract way of writing is breaking new grounds in how we see time, space and literature.

    Nolawi, its ok to be single as long as your content, but I don’t sense that from your writings. Living in DC you have the ultimate variety pool to find your madam.

  13. 13 hewe

    Nol, try not to look at other people’s timeline for you…….do you(I didn’t mean it in what Bez said sort of way)

    I don’t understand why I always attempt to read what Endalc types….I tell myself I won’t, then I find myself reading it.

  14. 14 Guadegna

    Nol, Is it me or are you always trying to explain/justify why it is ok to be single bla bla and I mean it with up most respect but is your biological clock ticking also. It seems I read this more often than other topics. Ofcourse it is ok to be single as long as you are happy. Marriage or relationship is not for all. yes it takes work if you are not willing to put in the work that is fine just don’t lead anyone on which in your case have explained you don’t string along the ladies……

    …my 2 cents…….as you were……….

  15. 15 Nolawi

    i think guadegna you are reading too much into it… what i am saying is that it doesn’t mean I am an incomplete person just because i am not married … at 30

  16. 16 Hidaya

    I agree single is better than a relationship going nowhere r one that is destructive…

    “Are there nice normal girls that I have met? Yes, quite a few, but I didn’t feel strongly about them and I feel like its quite draining to be in a relationship with someone who I don’t see a future with, just because they are nice, normal and attractive”

    Maybe when you meet someone you feel strongly about it wont be so draining being with them, but even the right relationship with the right person needs work and even then it might not be the perfect relationship coz nothing ever is , anyway in my experience the best relationship are the ones who make you want to give your best to your partner and they who bring out the best of you and of course this should be mutual, if yu feeling like not giving your best what is the point?….

    I thought endalc was playing spot the word game..endalc bless you you baffled me:)

  17. 17 Celebrate life wanna be

    Noli, of course it is okay to be single. In your case you haven’t met the right person. There is a saying “dist getamun ayatam”. So wait patiently for your other half. In the mean time, you have to ask yourself and do some serious soul searing about why you would like to get in long term committed relationship? You have said somewhere in your blog that you aren’t ready to get married. You don’t now want to have children. If you meet your perfect match (btw, it doesn’t exist), what will be your plan? Relationship has to grow and develop to something such as marriage and children. Correct me if I am wrong, you don’t want both things. So why would you get in relationship with anyone? What would be the purpose or future of your relationship?

  18. 18 Sara


    I used to be one of those people who enjoyed being single. Of course the pressure from people around me, especially family, was daunting. There were even some I deliberately avoided since the first thing they said whenever we met was ‘zim bilesh one is perfect’. Who said I was looking for a perfect one? Anyways, I met a wonderful man and got married. I have no complaint about my marriage, I have a happy marriage….but dear, do I miss being single! I really miss my single life!!!!!
    SO, forget what others say….enjoy your single life now…you are likely to miss it!

  19. 19 leo

    My brother is in town for a couple of days and I want to go out tonight but I don’t know where. I don’t want to party with the felfelas or the youngin(no offense)so if you guys know the spots(habesha) please let me know. Oh I live in alexandria, va but kind of new for the area. thanks

  20. 20 Dinich

    A lot of married ppl fake happiness and try to give u the image that married life is always honky dory.

    The funny thing is a lot of singles do exactly the same thing….fake happiness.

    Single or married life is not easy…take it by the horn…

    Happy New Year to ya all

  21. 21 Mona

    What are you greatful for?

  22. 22 Bogiye

    I have been following your blog for a few months now Nolawi, and this seems to be a recurring theme. It seems to me (maybe it’s just me) like you are trying to justify the fact that you are single or maybe convince others that singlehood at 30 is acceptable and I really see no need for that; do you. Whatever floats your boat.

    And I agree with Dinich. There’s good and bad to being single or married,…just make sure you’re mentally ready and in the right moment in your life for dealing with a relationship/marriage, cuz timing is important. If you not ready, you could be left with permanent scars on yourself or others involved.

  23. 23 Bez

    Sara, why does it feel like you are blogging from prison?


    Kat Williams said it best, being single is fun!! you dont have to check in with anybody, you not responsible for nobody’s feelings. If you feel like going out, you go out and come back home as late as you want or not even come home at all. Its fun till you finally come home and its just you and your lonely ass apartment, staring at the kitchen counter you die a little in the inside lol

    Cant help but to wonder How many people will bolt off this thread if they steped out and met “that one” or atleast someone they liked more than either of thier hand lol.

  24. 24 mister_mayhem

    there is a discrimination against single people. i’ve noticed this and i’m happy nolawi is bringing it out into the open. people make snide remarks… you goto dinner parties and you’re looked at like some sort of social hermit because you roll solo ?

    “what’s wrong… you can’t get a girl ?” they ask – ummh no. i get lots of girls. i might just get YOUR girl.

    or the worst is the friends/family trying to hook you up. “I’ll introduce you to Tete or Betty or Mimi or some sh!t”. and you know you’re going to meet this person and they wont sleep with you and then finally when they do sleep with you it will be the worst sex because they don’t want it to get back to the person who introduced you that they’re really a freak.

    relationships are truly a beautiful thing. BUT i don’t want to be boo’ed up right now. i’m content with random dating and hook-ups, and i really really don’t have a good night sleep with someone else in the bed. like ever. sometimes i just get up and sleep on the couch. IN MY OWN APARTMENT ! and these girls never want to leave. they want to chill make breakfast minamin. that’s when i say… “i have to goto work/the gym. big project blah blah” and she says “but its saturday”

    or maybe i’m crazy and that’s just my single life.

    btw. their right nols this is becoming a recurring theme.

  25. 25 And What

    I think there was nothing to say there. Plain pressure to write about non-sense that lacks a message or a story.

    You are not Kobe or Denzel for your singleness to be an issue. The comments that follows a post tells a lot about the post.

    Endalc, OMG! What was that, i mean English is our second language, but you are on a different level of your own. You must deliberately mis-spell words. But you comment was more interesting than Nolawi’s singleness.

    Please give us something to engage our thoughts, be it your story or whatever. People these days are sophisticated. Hello!!!!!!!! It is 2009 for goodness sakes.

  26. 26 EWNET

    I am all those things you are looking for and then some :) )Till we meet someday…. enjoy your ferenjoch and i will enjoy mine.

    You post a lot about your failed relationships or something of similar sorts .Are you really running out of topics ?.

  27. 27 Tsedey

    Like Chris Rock said… “married and bored, single and lonely aint no happiness either way”

  28. 28 Tsedey

    Nolawi, were you honest to yourself when u wrote the last statement?

  29. 29 Nolawi

    OMG You guys, I write about topics that I think are in my thoughts,… I am not trying to justify Singlehood ness…

    When I refer to single I mean not married. Just like when you fill in your tax papers.

    I just write my thoughts… Recurring themes??? I think every topic is a recurring theme especially here.

  30. 30 Dinich


    lol @ at the discrimination against singles.

    How about starting a singles’ right movement….The slogan will be…I am single and happy….and there will be a singles’ pride day sometime in July….all singles go out to parade, no holding hands, stand 5 meteres apart wearing t-shirts that read I am single and proud….singles come out of the closet….:)

  31. 31 wudnesh

    hahaha, Diniye, chewata chemrehal!:)

    LOL@Nol…”just like when u fill in ur tax papers”

  32. 32 luli

    funny thing is i’m tempted to agree with my friends who’re convinced that all those books, songs and movies have messed me up for life. in such cynical times, looking for the kind of love Aster, Tilahun and Gigi often croon about is just … hopeless. i wonder if looking for the ONE is futile … Gigi says it all … “alem alefegn alem anteye alem aha sasib sicheneq salim fiqrihin sailmmmm”

    but i have to say, singleness def. better than being with someone for the sake of being a part of two. atleast that’s how i feel now … ;)

  33. 33 mister_mayhem

    diniye, ante how are you and your beautiful kids? happy new year bro. i’m living in your city now. so we might cross paths.

    we don’t need a day of celebration… we need equality. besides. every day is a celebration of singledom. at a bar restaraunt, book store, bed room near you. singles are living the life you guys wish for. while you’re fighting for the covers. we’re making love on top of the covers… when you’re spending money on pampers. we’re spending money on cologne, shoes, minamin. you buy enough doro for an army at no frills food… i’m shopping for organically fed doro’s at whole foods.

    don’t hate the player… hate the game. lol.

    btw. i seen your bambino’s. you’re truly blessed… perhaps one day for me. but until then let me enjoy the company of my 42″ LCD tv and pizza box.

  34. 34 Ato Californicator

    Nolawi great insight.

    As for me, I’m starting to think this whole relationship thinggy as a business proposition. I’m 27 in California and living it up. I don’t believe in love or, understand the idea of wanting or looking for a soul mate anymore. So I just take it as a business proposal; ‘what she got for what I got’, or vise-a-versa.

    I guess this is what they call it “Live and learn.” I’m not saying i’ve lived my life and experienced all the variables of life, but via peer comparison, I think I’ve lived and observed enough of the naivete. Well, I guess I never believed in relationships and that’s probably why I usually break it up or do something stupid to break it off.

    But honestly, its unbearable when parents are trying to hook you up with so and so. I don’t even visit anymore for fear of letting them down. Again! Mom thinks I’m a saint and that I don’t do any evil (only if she knew the tens of hearts I’ve broken). DAD? He’s a business guy, just like me. Always trying to hook me up with his millionaire friends’ daughters from back home (NO, HE’S NOT WOYANE).

    But seriously though. I don’t jive with Habesha girls. Not that I don’t like our girls; I do adore them and think they are the most beautiful and majestic women on earth; but I can’t imagine it in an intimate or sexual setting……

    Something amiss with me?

    ps. none of the above mentioned broken hearts were Habesha

  35. 35 Dinich

    Mister mister,

    lol again….I kinda agree. My budget for shoes is max $40, pants $40, socks $10 for 3, suit $150…diapers $50 per week not including wipes…:)

    Enjoy singlehood while it lasts…..

  36. 36 luli

    Ato Californicator,
    Thanks for the honesty … I don’t know if this makes me naive or just plain rude but you’re my worst nightmare come true

  37. 37 mitu

    luli you killed me on your last comment. i was reading ato cali interestingly and ended with “lekas endezim ale”

  38. 38 Ato Californicator

    Luli… minew hode? By comparison, to some I know… I could be considered harmless but you were harsh on me :)


  39. 39 maebel

    Bible says, if I remebered it correctly, ” It is Ok to be single but it ain’t alright to be lonely”

  40. 40 Woyzero Californicator

    Ato Cali,

    I found your p.s. remark rather interesting. Let me get this, the fact that those heart you “broke” were “non-Habesha” makes it more acceptable & less damaging?? To whom? I thought a heart beats the same no matter what ethnic body encased it?:)

    I also saw couple of remarks about enjoying ‘ferenjoch’ until he/she meets the “right” abesha or something to that effect who said “ferenjoch” or whatever are disposable or are okay being treated like one? I just don’t get the mentality. Rules of thumb as far as morally sound principle would be you treat others the way you like to be treated…in this case treat the ‘non-habesha’ lads the way you want your habesha sisters to be treated, period. Do you not concur?

  41. 41 mister_mayhem

    ato califonication…can i hang out w. you next time i’m in cali. women love assholes. i bet you clean up real nice bro.

  42. 42 Ato Californicator

    Woyzero Californicator

    Nice one but no cigar! Just to make it clear for the record, I don’t get into relationships with malice intention, bent on breaking peoples’ hearts. I actually frown upon people that use and abuse relationships/girls for whatever reason! And for the record, it just so happened, be it my preferences in the type of girls or what not, that I don’t pursue or never pursued a Habesha girl, is my calling only and maybe for others too. If there are some of you in the same boat… holla at your boi! And see if we can come to some sortta understanding and maybe examine the underlying issues herein; maybe even come up with some solutions…..(sic)

    I would like to point out that I consider myself to be a very rational and reasonable lad. I would even go further to say that many-a-ladies reckon that I make the ideal husband, father and a lover!

    Woyzero Californicator, as for the remark about ‘disposable ferenjoch’, I don’t think that was called for. Let alone disposable ferenjoch girls, I don’t like the idea of a use and throw society (i.e. Styrofoam cups…) I highly disagree with that remark…. but then again, you’re just say…. Aydel?

  43. 43 Ato Californicator

    mister mayhem….

    brother, I ain’t no asshole. I would admit to being overly cocky but that cockiness of mine never killed no one……….yo, hit me up when you’re in the Valley

  44. 44 mister_mayhem


    We’re very much on the same page here… the swagger is in full effect. You remind me of myself. And that my friend is perhaps the best compliment I’ve ever given to anyone.


  45. 45 Anonx

    These who do don’t talk, these who don’t do talk :)

  46. 46 hewe

    Ato Cali you stated that you don’t believe in love, or understand the idea of wanting or looking for a soul mate anymore…..anyomore as in you used to but not any longer or was that just a figure of speech??
    And just to understand your point about the business proposal of ‘dating’ what is it that you offer the non habesha women, and what is it that you get in return? I just want to make sure I get your point because you said you’re a rational lad, so you must have some thought out questions/answers on these. And no i’m not saying any of this in a sarcastic way (although very tempting:) )

  47. 47 Ato Californicator


    no pun taken.

    I guess earlier on in my life (or my previous life), I did entertain the notion of loving someone/even the idea of finding a soulmate. But through and through, I did observe that the ballyhoo about love and falling in love is a mere Shangrila.

    What do they get/What do I get? Hmmmmmmmmmm…. of course they gonna get some good loving but that’s besides the point here… I guess What I wanted to say was, I gotta contribute to the union as much as i would like my partner to contribute to the relationship- in all realms: financial, intellectual and spiritual…gebash>?

    aight my sis

  48. 48 Ato Californicator

    Unofficial Translation of Endalc’s comment:
    A little bit about why I wanted to help out Endalc. Way back in high school, I took part in a study for a Cultural Anthropology/Linguistics dissertations my teacher was submitting. He was trying to understand how immigrants and people whom English is not their mother tongue, especially the ones with education, communicate in America (English). He was trying to figure out whether people, English as their 2nd language, have to first translate English words they encounter into their mother tongue before they understand their meanings. Also deals with whether they have to first use their mother tongues to formulate thoughts before uttering them in English….So, i did many interpretations of what people were saying while conducting interviews within different cultural communities. uffffffff ’nuff of that…

    NOW…. I was a bit saddened to read the many impatient responses to Endalc’s inefficiency of the English language!

    .how you noise . me thank you so much you about for this your artical dear friend . you know . dear friend yes until im live a sigle ..because . i have not get .good condetion . comform . to my life . atend to my fetuerty .. how you know live
    founder of new family .make resbonsblity ..this is not eisy for me . i have long year see estand to very far awy / until . so i thienk you nosie will bater me you have free chance .make descess . with your friends family .meby you have meny esmart. intelctuwal . more good unerstaneding .people so you can get good life nolewdge make to them .you know im not live with my famliy .i have several problem . im ran 24 houres solive . to my life .refugee. life meins not make it eisey .so please i have several problem .

    How nice, I thank you so much for writing this article! You know dear friend, ‘YES’, until now I’m single. The reason is that my living situation is not in a comfortable position even for myself. To make a new family and the responsibility that comes along with it is not easy for me. I have been away for a very long time. I think you have a better chance than me because you can make decisions with your friends and family. Maybe you are smart. Intellectual. And have good understanding. Because of knowledge and education, people get good life. You know, i don’t live with my family. I have several problems. I ran for 24HRS for my life as a refugee. Life hasn’t made it easy for me.
    I hope the above helps those of you who were frustrated at the dude’s linguistic skills (sic)

    Here is to you Endalc… Keep hope alive. Learn a word or five everyday. L’chayim!

  49. 49 Totit

    Thanks for the translation…

  50. 50 anonx

    You got skillz Cali. That was I don’t know enough to say accurate but beautyful…. I wondered why E does not try to reach us in amharic or tigrina and I still wonder

  51. 51 Dinich

    Why do I think endalc is TP….:)

  52. 52 wudnesh

    lol…Dini, kemirr, it makes sense.
    Ato Cali…u do have patience….lots of it.

  53. 53 luli

    Ato C, that was impressive …

  54. 54 Nolawi

    Endalc is in Sudan Khartoum, so its not TP.

    His english is not so good but wants to share his life with us so I appreciate him more than most of you here with legible language

  55. 55 dawitm

    Ato C, your attempt to translate is impressive…thanks man.

  56. 56 Dinich


    I think ur a partner in crime….:)

    The other possibility is that somebody hacked a computer in Sudan and using that IP to fool us…:)

    Anyways, am finding it hard to buy the idea that this is a person who doesnt speak good english….sounds more like a person who is trying to fake it….fairly good at faking.

    An abesha who lives in Africa and smart enough to understand words like comform, responsibility, intellectual, several etc….can’t write this bad.

  57. 57 wudnesh


    mts. Ante degmo addis addis seww tiwedaleh…. :P

  58. 58 hewe

    Wud, men yarg belesh neew ‘yalayut ager yenafekal’ for nolawi….weyneee i can hear him say sharrap hewe:)

    Ato Cali-as long as your unconscious & conscious self aren’t battling u’re good then;)

  59. 59 Ato Californicator

    hewe, dawit, wudnesh and luli… no probs… the least I could do to help out my bretheren/sisteren stuck in a refugee camp (sic) …….

  60. 60 Ato Californicator


    what u mean by “…unconscious & conscious self aren’t battling …?” I smell an oxymoron :)

  61. 61 Ato Californicator


    I think we should play this game I call “Let’s Play Endalc”, the object of the game is trying to decipher what Endalc is saying in his postings. What u think?


  62. 62 datdude

    Californicator, not fair. I was the first to identify that there was depth and humanity in the writings of endalc. Just because you swooped in with magical translations doesn’t mean i don’t deserve my cup of glory.

    ps. thanks for making edalc accessible.

  63. 63 Hidaya

    cup of glory to Ato Californicator for translating endalc, thank you…

    cup of glory to datdude for identifying endalc abstract writings breaking new grounds in time, space and literature,ie depth…thank you

    cup of glory Nay to me for cynicism, thinking it was a giant wind up, so no thank you to me…like someone mentioned I thought it strange that endalc uses high brow individual words but has troubles joining them up…I still puzzled by that…

  64. 64 hewe

    Ato Cali- you’re right oxymoron;)
    you know conscious and unconserious contradicting each other…one saying ‘this is what i need’ and wanting to go for that but unconscious fighing that and going for similar type of women that’s not necessarily what you need….

  65. 65 HELY

    hy helen mi tu the same tu u.
    dont fill thats naise god helps you i incorege your spirit by.

  66. 66 Dinich

    Endalc is a girl now…..:)

  67. 67 Anonx

    Dinich- I have always said its a she. Not a he. I assume only a she refugee has internet access in Sudan unless she is paying for internet cafe… that can make her a he. :)

  68. 68 Dinich

    Anonx…Oh really? I didnt know….but endalc is a male name eko…:)

  69. 69 Anonx

    Dinich–really? it’s a useable name unlike yours and mine? news to me. in that case I like to err on the he side.

  70. 70 tpeace

    hmm so much negative talk the abesha dating scene….ato- do u know why u dont find urself drawn to abesha girls? does anyone find it enjoyable to date in the community?

  71. 71 Anonx

    tpeace: I don’t know what exactly you mean by ‘in the community’ are you asking if anyone here likes to date abesha or is the Q to do with dating one who only have fun or feels at home when frequenting abesha social scene? the later is a no no for me. Negative is a matter of interpretation, you either care for it or you dont.:)

  72. 72 Bez

    Who is this Endalc person everyone speaking of. I cant help but to want to read some of his/her stuff, is the spelling that bad that it warrented this much attention for it lol..this I def have to see

  73. 73 Totit

    I dont think endalc and HELY are the same, the dots are missing…between, endalc, he grew on me like a fungus…I sympathise with him…

  74. 74 datdude


    thanks for recognizing my contribution to humanity. I in return recognize your criticism, which includes the peculiar nature of using high brow words, but disjointed sentences.

    As with all great writers, endalc leaves me wanting more.


  75. 75 tpeace

    anonx i think my question is both…

    i just hear a whole lotta negative talk from ppl about this and that on the dating scene amongst abeshas in dc etc…maybe i hear all that noise cos i live in the dc area everyone has theories and complaints esp about the opposite sex

    someone told me recently 90% of the ppl u see are single for some reason or other – dunno if that number’s even close…but ye…whole lotta single ppl. someone even told me dating is not a concept in our society…u either single or in a relationship…

    ….why is it a no no for u “dating one who only have fun or feels at home when frequenting abesha social scene?”

  76. 76 Nolawi

    oh my god, tpeace you can’t do chemistry on this… if you analyze beyond the point of recognition then you are going to go kerazzy!

  77. 77 Dinich


    Could it be that Endalc is smart enough to try and fool us into thinking that this is not actually endalc by ommitting the dots?

    I tend to think so…apart from the dots it has all the hallmarks of endalc…:)

  78. 78 tpeace

    wtf nolawi – what analysis what freakin chemistry? lol! too funny abo…it’s so simple eko – i asked if there are any ppl satisfied with their dating life and they are dating in the ‘abesha community’…cos all i hear is negativity & ppl complainin – complainin and complainin…if that sounds like analysis to u…u need to get some bulbs tightened in ur head hehehe

  79. 79 Hidaya

    Anonx what is it about endalc that sounds/reads female?…I ask coz I is curious first:)and moreover didn’t think of endalc gender until it was mentioned..I think I just thought of endalc as a type of writing only.. eh? what is wrong with me? why did I think endalc was genderless? sorry encd please don’t take offence I just didn’t think..

    *thanks for recognizing my contribution to humanity. I in return recognize your criticism, which includes the peculiar nature of using high brow words, but disjointed sentences*

    Datdude thank you to you too, though I did notice my criticism which included the peculiar nature of encd using high brow words, but disjointed sentences and lack of structure if I may add now didn’t count as contribution to humanity as your discovery of time depth to endc writings did…sorry datdude couldn’t resist it lol…

  80. 80 Anonx

    I don’t know tpeace, may be because the habesha scene comes with few contraints, dos and don’ts, a little reserved. Nothing wrong with it, it is beautyful. Some venturing does not hurt either. Done. Not saying anything more on this :)

  81. 81 Anonx

    Hidaya… you are a surprise today….

    At first endalc’s writting seemed to me like a web translation from some unknown language and ‘she’ seemed to be saying ‘call me I show you good time’, web translated from may be Russian. She seems to have access to free internet because I know Khartoum is an expensive city by an African standard, I can’t imagine a refugee bloging for a fee, if so, then endalc got a sugar daddy or something somewhere, if not, the only logic I am left with is she works at a well to do family’s house who have internet service. If the last is the case, more likely in my book, endalc is a woman. She/he left a number, you wanna call and get back to us :) ?

  82. 82 Hidaya

    Erm no Anonx I wouldn’t know what to say…I vote for you to call, i will start that campaign now:)…Russian? Sudan? you have thought about this haven’t you?…is it bad if I keep saying I really didn’t get any impression beyond the individual words…even when I tried to join them up and understood some I didn’t get any sense of endalc as a person through any of the writing,…I still feel a bit iffy about it…no surprise, it is my last day to laze around..after tonight stress for two weeks…

  83. 83 Totit

    I agree …Dinich…almost all the hallmark…except the dots…
    Datdude…I remember Endalc saying s/he was somewhere 28-29, making the first language unlikely Russian…I thought people had stopped venturing into Russia after the Derg Regime…but again I might be mistaken…Maybe Arabic…Datdude I also envy ur imagination…:)
    Still I wanna hear more from Endalc…and the translation from californicator…

  84. 84 Ato Californicator

    hey people…. we still talking about Endalc? Endeeeeeeee?

    In the immortal words of Emeril, the chef,
    Let’s-kick-it-up-a-notch! (sic). The new topic iiiiizzzzzzzzzzz…. to describe, in detail,

    ps: no literal flashbacks allowed!

  85. 85 Ato Californicator

    totit, IMHO,

    I think i’ve said ’nuff about Endalc, “anything more would be uncivilized” cheers mate!

  86. 86 datdude

    as usual you out humble me…
    I would be letting my beloved physics prof. down if I failed to notice endalc’s staggering contribution to our understanding of time space continuum, especially his mind blowing observations on the very firmament of the universe and all that is. (can you tell i’m a pseudo-physicst?, all i know I got from douglas adams, a novelist :)


    we all want to hear more from endalc. He has to expound on those observation that have critics knocking head, he must answer existential questions, give a final word on a range of topics, including the question will Nolawi ever find true love? loool

    btw I heard a sad thing in addis these days when someone says they so and so went to russia, it doesn’t mean they are chilling in moscow. its a phrase they use for someone who died from aids. saaaaad.


    i didn’t even suspect endalc can be a girl until your post. recently I read about the life of ethio refugees in sudan, apparently its not all that great. In that case I hope we, the bernos community will mobilize to help endalc, especially if its a lady since the article I read focused on the plight of a girl called “sara” in khartoum. It wasn’t all that great. I will do my part by contributing to a phone card.

    THIS is turning out to be a great cyber mystery

    nancy drew

  87. 87 Anonx

    Well, endalc is moving to stage two then…. there is a sex to be determined, and a story to be understood. Hidaya was without a question joking when she nominated me–the give away, she said she ‘would not know what to say.’ If anyone believes that to be true, I have a trans Arabia-Africa bridge to sell you. I accept the nomination because I am a sucker for things like this, but in turn I am nominating several people. We can either have Bernos vote so the lucky sucker can make the phone call, or the nominees can decide based on a given skill sets.

    As one of the nominee, I have the experience and the passion and background, however I have one weakness which I think outweighs all my strength–language barrier. My english is solid , and so is my Tigrina; my hearing Amharic is at 30-40 percent and the spoken is at 10-20%; my Arabic long vanished–use it or loss it; and my Latin the little that it was vanished as well. You enter at your own risk because I will do endalc a great injustice if we don’t have a common language.

    I nominate:

    Hidaya: I dont believe you (I reconsider if language is a barrier)

    Dinich: You’ve been in this from the beginning and you are multi-lingual

    Dadude: you don’t just get away with a phonecard (although important–note taken). I think endalc speaks amharic

    Totit: All this is your fault, you initiated the topic. Whats your skill set?

    and my favorite nominee — he has the heart, the brain, the skill set and happens to be a freshman on Bernos–is Ato Cali.

  88. 88 Dinich

    Anonx….tx for the nomination and the multilingual comment….Unfortunately, I dont speak endalc….Ato Cali seems to be the only one who speaks endalc….

  89. 89 Ato Californicator

    Eshi sewoch…. what it do, Endalcanos?


    being the cocky son of a gun that I am, I second your nomination of me for (what was it for again ?)…Merci! yo, i was cracking up at your comment about you knowing Latin ( for Chermistry or Liturgy ?)

    Aight… here is a song that will help you brush up on your latin…

  90. 90 luli

    woy gud! Ato C you made my day kemir … I had heard this song a while ago and couldn’t for the life of me find it later on … thanks :)

  91. 91 Ato Californicator


    No problem. looooooooove Enya and Enigma and their song is my lullaby most nights :)

  92. 92 Hidaya

    Datdude touche`:) and now that you have outwitted me let me not even dream of out humbling you again or might have to go touche touche again lol…

    (can you tell i’m a pseudo-physicst?, all i know I got from douglas adams, a novelist
    “I would be letting my beloved physics prof. down if I failed to notice endalc’s staggering contribution to our understanding of time space continuum, especially his mind blowing observations on the very firmament of the universe and all that is.”

    datdude eh? saw all that from eldalc writings?… I am back wondering what is wrong with my grey cells or is it eye sockets or retinas whatever that I didnt see or connect any of that?…hand on heart datdude I am not being cheeky lol…ok maybe a little I admit but that is just pure green green envy of you because you understand physics and I try but hmm never quite get there as I should but I find it interesting unlike with maths if only I could graps even the most basic concepts…

    Have a lovely evening datdude I am gonna go for a bout of “I am not good enough” internal rant just as I used to in school whenever I came across folk good at maths and physics and I wasn’t and there too many of them and well not many like me.. I often wished for their type of intelligence than mine…ha methinks I am gonna take this feeling of not being good enough about the science to my grave whatever else I achieve in life ha see what school did to me? lol…might as well start with Douglas Adams..he is British? I read a bit about him and a rogram he made for the BBC…thanks for introducing him datdude…now ciao, the internal rant awaits:)…

  93. 93 Anonx

    Thanks for the link Ato Cali. I do remember the song, use to get a lot of radio play not to far in the distance. I was more a kind of ‘parse the verb lad’ and conjugating latin verb came naturally may be its I think tigrina and latin verbs have something in common… verbs in both tell the person, number, and tense either that or just have more experience learning languages. Non of it was by choice, something I found myself assigned freshman year highschool and had no complaint once the grades rolled in cuz I sucked in few others. All I can teach you now if you ever ask about latin: VINI VIDI VICHI. Its what Julius Caesar said to the Goals, now modern day France… I come, I see, I conquer.

    I tried to find endalc number, to long search in the archive. Endalc, if you hear us, what’s you number? I’ll putt in $10 towards the purchase of phone CARDS…. I got a feeling this is gonna be a long conversation.

  94. 94 Ato Californicator


    VINI VIDI VICI… is actually one of my fav Roman sayings. When i’m at the clubs, I usually repeat the pharase when I spot an attractive lady or two, to give me that extra courage to go and say wusup :)

    How about ‘Aut Viam inveniam aut faciam’(I will either find a way or make one) It comes handy especially in this economically depressed times. Aight…

  95. 95 datdude


    don’t sweat the allure of physics glory it is not all that is made out to be. (I am not just saying that to spare you the self-flagellation you have threatened ) :) I do share in your experience of feeling not good enough, I ended up falling spectacularly flat on my face in a physics class dominated by foreign exchange students from india. I tried to match wits, computational and comprehension, and still lagged behind. This led to immense loss in self confidence, I felt like I had stumbled before I had even reached that first hurdle. The sad thing is my failure in that class made me totally ignore the As and Bs I was pulling in with minimal effort in Chemistry, Literature and Econ loooool Or the fact that those students where like fish out of water in english, or sports, except cricket…I realized their success lay as much in their absolute dedication to one subject matter, and not only “natural” gifts.

    The even bigger irony is that once I dropped physics, it seems like the law of gravity that was suspended suddenly came alive as my grades dropped all around for the remainder of my schooling career. As in physics, life is filled with paradoxes, the laws we thought were immutable suddenly become shy wallflowers, leaving us confused on a stage front of an expectant crowd when all we probably were doing was walking into a door that we thought read “RESTROOM”. The crowd expected an encore performance, I expected a urinal, it is a shame the forces of nature conspired to equate unmatched expectations.

    So chin up, i’m sure your sense for justice can’t be arrived at with any mathematical certainty. In fact math is very limited at arriving at what it is solely designed for, certainty, even reasonable certainty. Although this is its main boast and claim to fame. It can’t tell us what is right or wrong, what is pretty and ugly, what is good, still leaving room for lawyers, fashion designers and catholic nuns.


    btw i’m eager to hear your thoughts on douglas adams, one of the writers i’ve reread, mainly cos its an easy read, and humorous.

  96. 96 Anonx

    is this thread closed? my responseS to Ato Cali don’t show up

  97. 97 Anonx

    Here is a third recreation of my response Ato Cali… sucks! you’re lucky I like you son of gun.

    My favoret Roman qoute:

    Horas non numero nisi serenas

    (When I come to die, the only moments that matter will have been the moments when I was at ease)

    And wherever at the right person, you may wanna follow up vivi vidi vici with an adultrated Walt Whitman (it works at the right person and wrong person–at your own risk with the last)

    I CELEBRATE myself, and sing myself,
    And what I assume you shall assume,
    For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.

  98. 98 Hidaya

    Datdude…how are you?..I am back from self flagellation sessions for this week lol

    still celebrating regime change across the seas?:), we are too, people are going “Oh Obama will change the world not just the US”…we have been swooning for days now, ok make that months…even grown British hacks i.e. journalist look they are about to break into dance,they have a little tear in the eye as well… strangely enough these are white middle aged men doing this swooning, then again it is the BBC, the Democrats brethens in spirit even if they are not allowed to brethernise with anyone, none the less everyone knows the BBC is lefty inclined which is good and makes me feel like defending when right wing thugs don’t get their way and call for the abolishing of the BBC as a public corporation…ha they wish, lots more lefties people will defend it from their grubby mitts and evil wishing lol….

    About physics, thanks for being kind and making me feel better about it :) I was thinking “oh no this is bad… datdudey is one of them folk who understand things I don’t understand I hope I don’t get a personality transplant overnight and get intimidated as I did all those years ago in school” I am not now,-ish.. I still think you know and have more understanding of the stuff that I never will…my spatial skills are not tuned up the right way at all datdude honestly they’re not…

    “I realized their success lay as much in their absolute dedication to one subject matter, and not only “natural” gifts”

    This is interesting, I always meet people like that, extremely good at one subject because they are specialist in them but don’t have a natural aptitude for much else…I still feel inferior to them still I think perhaps I should pay a visit to a hypnotist for cure?…it is funny how intelligence is classified and has hierarchy….up on top the maths geniuses and the Richard Hawking and his brethens…at the bottom sport intelligence…honestly why are we always told sport people are all brawn and have dog eye for brain?…sport needs bloody intelligence and co-ordination and memory and skill and speed is that not part of intelligence?…this will tell you datdude that if I had a hand in making myself before I came to existence there might have been a chance of being tempted to create Athletic Hidaya and may celebrality be dammed…sorry for making up words lol…celebrality? origin of word; celebral I would gladly be an excellent athlete with dog eye for brains lol…it wasn’t to be, aye more is the pity…foreign exchange students from India…bless then they are here all over the place for one program or another and boy they take studious to a whole new level…and they know a whole lot of knowledgeable stuff at a really young age..try 21, bit spooky that …here normally knowledgeable and lucky to be so 21 year old pretend to be ignamorous spawns even when they are lucky not to be…the poor Indians don’t get it lol…. and cricket oh lets not call it sport, sodding thing goes on for days sometimes, if not a day match , bowling and batting, bowling and batting on and on it goes for days and it is just one game pffff….more ground hog day that sport to me lol…

    *. As in physics, life is filled with paradoxes, the laws we thought were immutable suddenly become shy wallflowers, leaving us confused on a stage front of an expectant crowd when all we probably were doing was walking into a door that we thought read “RESTROOM”. The crowd expected an encore performance, I expected a urinal, it is a shame the forces of nature conspired to equate unmatched expectations.*

    I love this paragraph… from an encore performance to the urinals aye I is getting an image now..encore on one side …”I was only going to the loo, what do these screaming lot want? ” on the other lol, get the paradox of expectations…what laws are immutable and now shrinking violets datdude?…lawyers, fashion designers and catholic nuns, what a trio, the poor nun what did she ever do to deserve to be in such company? lol, the fashion designer will probably nick the nun’s habit and make it fashionable very un-nun like and “trendy” …yikes, they would call the poor dear dahhh- ling and air kiss them as well, the lawyer will have no choice but to take on the nun’s case because well she is holy and stuff and fashion designers are not though they probably have more fun than the nuns or the lawyers and the lawyers are unholy too but less so than the designers…

    Douglas Adams lets see what do I know about him?, not much , years ago I saw the movie The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, it was from one of his books, he wrote for the BBC radio and wrote for the old Doctor Who series but I wasn’t here then, ok what else? I think after he died few of his essays were published….I haven’t read them but I want to…the collection is called the Salmon of Doubt…there is also Salmon of Wisdom but that is not his…

  99. 99 datdude

    hi hidaya, i’m glad to see self flagellation hasn’t made you less humorous…i laughed so hard, i got a hiccup, after you pointed out the unholy trinity of lawyer, fashion designer and nun loooool…

    “regime change” i have taken a vow of silence with regards to the messiah(err i mean obama). I was at a barbershop yesterday and an afro-american lady nearly ripped my head of because I expressed a slightly diff. political thought….lets just say flattery should be in your survival kit, whenever you visit the hairdresser. I quickly went PC expressing my faith in the great significance of this event, how whitey is evil, and that me as an economic refugee from ethiopia am so happeeeeee to beeee here (if you where there you would have mistaken me for a bbc correspondent in how I fawned over obama)…sometimes you gotta preach to the choir, and deal with the guilty consciousness later with self flagellation. looool

    society ranks them because of their material contribution, but when you think about who is to say philosophers aren’t more intelligent? its just that they don’t provide the visible manifestation. personally, i think salespeople are the most gifted individuals, the ability to hype a product like it fell out of heaven, and sell it to joe schmoe who will never ever use it is something short of divine.

    a funny thing about leading intellectuals and their theories is if you are not intimidated its surprising how easy it can be to raise some questions. I say this because I was shocked in the middle of a boring astronomy lecture by some leading astrophysicists, when the guy mentioned some criticisms of methodology that I also had thought but never articulated while reading an astronomy textbook. Of course at that time I was repudiating myself for even thinking the methods by which the measurements where made could be flawed, since the prev. lecturer and the text gave the impression it was bible solid methodology, yet here was this guy saying exactly that. I felt for a moment that i was in the company of titans, copernicus, galileo, and datdude :) hence i wasn’t blessed with the celebrality to rise to such heights…

    i think you’ll likely douglas adams, his first book that I read was hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, and for once no one (cough*nyalasmokes, annox*cough) can accuse me of suggesting a doom and gloom book. see i’m funky, i’ve got a lighter side looool…i’ve enjoyed most of his works, he was one of those rare individuals that seemed to have the brains, the brawns (died of heartattack playing basketball) and the personality. Unfortunately his books capture his genius more than the films, and i haven’t heard the radio broadcasts, they don’t have them here…

    have a good day

  100. 100 hewe

    Damn Hidaya & Datdude- betaam rejem zegeba!!

  101. 101 datdude

    hewe zegeba fit :)

  102. 102 anonx

    Hidaya: on sport and intelligence-are not we equally intelligent when equally dummy and vice versa(sorry just took the time to read the exchange with dadude) and I use to regularly watch Dr. Who. Use to show on a public network here we call PBS and when they stopped showing more they broke a young kid’s heart, I find myself still recovering from that trauma. How dare them all I was allowed to watch was public network no other fun tv and my favoret show get cancelled. Just want to tell you not to mention Dr. Who cuz it a trigger for me :) . Reply when you get back and all the best with the project keeping you busy.

    Dadude thanks for mentioning D Adams I never knew the name behind Dr. Who, I think I found a cure :)

  103. 103 Hidaya

    Anonx a Dr Who fan? ha say no more mate:) wonders will neves cease, ok that is just me not about the Dr lol…

    I will get back to you about the rest, but for now I just came to say , sorry about your childhood trauma,Dr Who and the PBS but now that you are a free adult and can watch it unil the cows come home Dr Who is back, has been here since 2005, the fourth Dr since 2005 has just been unveiled recently I wanted the current Dr to stay but he went off doing theatre for the time is an article about the newest Dr Who…selamat matey…

  104. 104 anonx

    Says who I am a free adult sis? never being more free than then despite an authoritarian stick ready to land on my back should I dare be caught watching what was called decadent tv. The chains of adulthood, yay, if its not the system,if its not the obligation, its the mind so cock sure its right refuses to learn and explore a new horizon,and remains ignorant of its best interest.

    I like the old Dr. Who, a little less curls on the head than mine, but still curls and much older than I. Dr Who has to have curls the new one does not. And he can not be my peer. Not happy and thank you for the link please suggest they perm and curl his hair

  105. 105 saronm3


    “yes, single so what?” i like it. but, lets face it. in realty we( singles) maybe content but not complete. i must confess that i use it as a shield so that my family and friends stop reminding me that i am single and i need to get married. i say yes, i am single , so what? i am ok with it. but i am not.

    every time i go to visit my family, my dad’d sit with me to have breakfast, and he’d say ” you know i want you to get married,….i’d like to see my grand children…life is short..u r getting older by a min.., you are lonley…” and my responce’d be ” dad i’ll get married don’t warry, am not worried, why are u worried more than me”

    don’t get me wrong, for the most part, i have no problem being single i totaly agree with most of your post. i even dare say that i am content,however, i also know that i am not complete.

    so nol, it seems to me, you are in the same boat as i am. although, you don’t want to admit to this, you need someone.

  106. 106 tpeace

    saw this post …thought i’d share…

  107. 107 Nolawi

    Saron Sure, there are times where i am somewhat lonely etc..
    but i am far from unhappy or depressed.

  108. 108 Angry African

    I get what you say. People should worry less about what others think about being single/married/in relationship etc. Each person will make their own happiness. Sometimes that is with another person and sometimes not. And sometimes someone will add value to your life and sometimes not. And sometimes they make you go soppy and sometimes not. I really hate it when one “group” thinks their way is best. Being single isn’t better than being married. And being married isn’t better than being single. Each one will find their own happiness. Just hope you enjoy yours.

  109. 109 Bez

    My way is the best and only right way. So you may ask what is the best and only right way? well it depends on how I feel that day, today single is the best and the only right way to be. so keep checking up for updates, since I might change my mind daily.

  110. 110 saronm3

    lol, hahah
    bez, hilarious…..and how are u feeling today?

  111. 111 Bez

    Saronm3, lol

    Well considering the snow storm, I think its time for a cuddle buddy, So today I will say not being single is the best and the only way to be today. OH SO GOD HELP ME IF I RUN INTO ANY SINGLE PEOPLE OUT THERE TODAY!! ITS GOING TO BE TROUBLE CUZ IM KICKING ASS AND TAKING NAMES IF I DO. COME ON PEOPLE DO THE RIGHT THING TODAY.

  112. 112 anonx

    Saron-qelealem neay atmiyuni iyu zihadr

  113. 113 anonx

    Yea bez funny but better get off the daily routine and jump on the seasonal bandwagon… Factor in like the weather, holidays and birthday to determin if singlehood should work best

  114. 114 saronm3

    lol, Bez,
    i totally agree, and may i suggest to keep the cuddle buddy with through the weekend.

    “…..Factor in like the weather, holidays and birthday to determin if singlehood should work best”

    anonx, ouch. thats a bit harsh.

    “Saron-qelealem neay atmiyuni iyu zihadr” ..hhmm beletse kea diet kab megbar dehanka.

  115. 115 tpeace
  116. 116 Bez


    “lol, Bez,
    i totally agree, and may i suggest to keep the cuddle buddy with through the weekend”

    I am afraid that will be a breach of contract. The “right thing and best thing to be” manual clearly states “absolutely no sleep over or weekend extentions unless there is an emergency or a status change”

  117. 117 Hidaya

    Datdudey hi:) seems ages since we last spoke, how are you?…

    Are you covered in snow where you are?… we are, brrrrr here ,all ten inches of it soon to be thirty,more grrrr… predictably the country collapsed as soon as the snow started, from public transport to air transport and probably sea navigation/transport…this lot of the sea are disaster prone anyway ,like being kidnapped in foreign waters and stuff and the hospitals are the worst at the best of times, you might go there to get healed as one does but are more likely to pick up a bug called MRSA unique to British hospitals and die of that instead, or have the wrong organ removed and that is when there is no snow, God only knows what would be happening now….

    And this about the snow only in England this happens to,…

    A country whose geographical location is in North Europe, you would think someone would assume a snowy winter would come every so often ,in a freak season and that it has already happened once already only a month ago and to at least put the gritters on stand by if it does?… and the wheather man did say it will one week running you would think there would be plans fr it wouldnt you?… pfff as usual No, no one showed up and London got gridlocked by snow therefore the whole country has been given leave from stepping outside their front doors, unbelievably some did try to go to work and had to be rescued when they got stranded, …more fool them risking hypotermia or an accident so as to not get the sack these days of sacking culls in every industry,… if they got hypotermia or car accident that paralysed them waist down after the car skids off the icy roads and end up on top of tree upside down with them in it still they would lose both job and life wouldnt they? didnt these people think ?…I was given the day off a 8:00…

    It is beautiful though this snow busines…

    I never saw so much snow in London in all the years I lived here infact it would be fair to say I never saw ANY snow in London except for this year, …it is winter wonder land proper, it started on Sunday, …my theory which is a bit rubbish is lol …

    I think the Russians have it in for us folks here,lol this is the second bout of bad weather coming from their shores ,like the coldest place in their shores Siberia ,the Central and Eastern Euros are probably in it too lol plus they know about the public services that dont serve, dont even work or function for the purpose they were created, let alone serve ,ha wouldnt be surprised if I find out this is the way they think best to break the UK, (in addition to never making us win Eurovision which is a bit crap and sad but still winning a something we must on world stage even if it is only Eurovision and they won let us win that either and vote for each other instead)…, it would work as well, first send the snow in, then watch everything fall apart ,lol…..I wonder wha kind of warfare that would be?…climate+ the use of country ineptitude agaisnt itself maybe?….datdudey mate enjoy your day…you know I started as to reply to your post and ended up with a waffle about the weather,:) I apologise and I will reply to the actual post in another post some other time….

  118. 118 Hidaya

    Hi Anonx mate it’s been a while, how are you?:) hope all is steady where you are, here we forgot what the word means even…

    Freakish things have been happening, we are covered in snow, and that has sparked amass enforced stay at home break because the country broke you see, until someone puts it back all together we are staying home, …

    Australia is coming off the seams as well, but they have been afflicted by the opposite of snow there, it is the sun wreaking havoc and they and their public services are melting under a 43C heatwave …

    I cant tell which one is worse, off the top of my head I prefer heat to ice but not if it makes the electricity go pfff up in smoke then the trees, then make the human/animal heart and the brain combust, then again hypothermia is bad too, poor Aussies like us they are governed by prats who cant or wont plan like it says in their job description…oh well if anything got a holiday out of it and I got one achievement out of it myself….

    I am no longer afraid of snow and I can now actually touch snow , play with snow and even took part in making a snowman with no nose with the neighbourhood children but drew the line at being pelted with it like they were each other, I still have an illogical fear of ice falling on my person which is just dumb as when it falls from the sky it still is falling on my person and it doesn’t bother me as much, being pelted with it does though….

    *I like the old Dr. Who, a little less curls on the head than mine, but still curls and much older than I. Dr Who has to have curls the new one does not. And he can not be my peer. Not happy and thank you for the link please suggest they perm and curl his hair*

    Now about Dr Who,… I understand Anon hawuna, you want the Dr Who of your childhood, not Matt Smith the man with no curls or David Tennant also another man with no curls) my favourite of the current crop of actors who played/playing the role of the Dr, … mate there is a way to time travel, not the Dr’s way of course and not with the Tardis ..this one is much simpler watch repeats of the series through either UK Gold or Living by cable or as DVD’s I think the BBC sells them through bookshops and places…soon as you get those you will be back with the Dr of your childhood with the curly hair and down the path of nostalgia lane:)…

    and on a footnote, as America was electing the firs black president we couldn’t even get the first black Dr Who, there was lots of chatter at the time but it came to nought, we did have the first black assistant companion for the Dr though two seasons ago, and then she left or her role ended who knows?…it is always the same with the BBC …they like to be seen to be liberals and fair to us ethnics, to a degree they are or we might not pay the license fee, but as they appear liberal and fair , you also notice once they ground break nothing much happens there after….so we have the firs black this and that is drama or music or politics or whatever and everybody will pat each other on the back a how liberal and ground breaking and fair they are…then on closer inspection you notice there is no the second black or the third black in influential positions in drama or programming and stuff at the BBC or elsewhere, and then you think ah, full equality is way off in the distance…

    To make that point loud and clear black actors and dram writers are organising their own BAFTA which is a sort of British Oscars ceremonies where actors are made to feel they have important jobs…well black actors feel ignored and unappreciated and decided to do their own stuff and ceremonies…..the first black and never the second or third thing is in every profession though not just dram and media so that means it is also a long way off to a black Dr Who for now…ciao for now Anonx mate

    Ps Anonx look at this …As I predicted we have taken to the Iraqi custom of shoe throwing to show extreme displeasure with politicians with great gusto….here is the Chinese Premier getting the shoe treatment in Cambridge lol….this time really ciao:)

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    P.S: Keep on being you, cuz that works best with most insecure ladies in the valley.
    @ Endlac..Nolawi :
    Thanks for sharing your experience.

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