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Trademark You 23 Comments

I just recently twitted about Zewdy who has thousands of followers on twitter & friends Facebook; just an example of a success based upon networking via web platforms. Although most of the people that do this kind of branding are artists, like our own rawbubble, doing his writing, videos and other forms of art; there [...]

Bernos Block Party 136 Comments

Every year around this time we, at bernos, begin losing our minds, in a good way. We start brainstorming on new shirts, Nolawi starts designing and the feedback process is never ending. We have to choose the color scheme, how much inventory we have to get, how many designs we should do for our fall [...]

fax Krazy Larry! 18 Comments

I was on a real date once upon a time in a certain city. We had a bottle of wine among the other things, at a nice cozy place that was more crowded than a train during rush hour. The tables so close together that it’s impossible to avoid eavesdropping at your neighbors. Krazy Larry [...]

Gojam Azene 4,417 Comments

I used to paint when I was in art school and a little bit after. Eventually, I stopped while I was concentrating on improving my design skills for my career as a designer. Now I just like to enjoy the fine arts. I keep up with what’s going on in the art world via the [...]

Minimalist Me 47 Comments

I saw a story recently on a TV about a high powered business man who bought a condo in New York City but was to busy to actually move in. He hardly had any furniture in the apartment except a corner tables with lamps; no chairs, just one stool by the kitchen, apparently he doesn’t [...]