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Scrap the Dating Fan-fair for a Genuine Connection Dating, Mating, Texting, Sexing, Sexting, Meat marketing…It’s Wednesday night, you’re waiting for the Qonjit you met at that swanky jazz spot on Friday Night to call you back – she seemed into the music but way more into you.. I mean, you were exchanging smoldering looks over [...]

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Every upcoming holiday leaves me reminiscing about the holidays back home. The distinct smell and sound of holiday awakens an underlying homesickness that prefers to be dormant for the sake of sanity. Despite myself, like any other fool I am taken aback with all that glitter of the American Christmas. Come Christmas, I feel my [...]

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Yes, we are developing our new site and I have been working on it on and off for about 3 months. It’s one of those things I have started working on a few times but somehow things fall apart as with any large web development project with a very small budget and time (mostly the [...]

Flashing Lights 366 Comments

I’m standing at the bar sipping my drink and chatting up with a couple of people.  My peripheral vision is disturbed and my curiosity takes over as I turn my head to focus on the disturbance. Flashing light! My first thought is ‘what da #$@$!’.  As I realize what just had happened, my confusion changes [...]

Wrong Price 35 Comments

I recently went into Sachs Fifth Avenue after work because I needed these very specific shoes, and lo and behold, I found a pair  that was reasonably priced. In Sachs Fifth Ave, I generally expect everything to be $500+, and my pair was, after a ‘sale’, around $100. So I bought it. Keza, tedesasetkuna … I went purse shopping. [...]