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my Favorite Things 2,536 Comments

Oprah has her favorite things shows, and it’s amazing. I have a few favorite things now that I think about it.  But want inspired me to write today after a long absence is the new IPAD 2. Here is my list in no particular order. Roku Player : you can connect it to any TV [...]

inviting our own deaths 120 Comments

My eyes scan the room falling upon the anxious faces of somebody’s loved ones. I witness their anxiety mirrored on my face. There are five patients in the room. On my right lies a motionless man. He was the driver of a car that overturned and killed his assistant. His loved one sits caressing his head. Close [...]

my ethics 38 Comments

I have been struggling with something on my mind. Philosophy is study of problems of many things. For example you could find me starting my sentences with “my philosophy…” Ethics is a branch or an extension of philosophy that address right versus wrong. Everything and anything at some level becomes an issue of ethics. Friendships, [...]

my constant companion 33 Comments

Having him in my life is like real therapy for me. He does not care that I am married. He does not care what I look like. He is there when I need him. He is never judgmental when I snoop around or ask too many questions. He never imposes his belief on me. He [...]

Covert Pleasures 26 Comments

There are many crazes that keep me blissful or the better phrase ‘keep me content.’ Sometimes I go home on a Friday night after picking up a Thai dish or the perfect cheese steak sandwich from the place 2 miles south of where I live. I fix up the coffee table with my soda, a [...]