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Deeeebo Band! 35 Comments

I got an email from the PR person for Debo Band, for a plug on bernos. Generally I look at what they are promoting since I get those emails all the time. If its music, I have to like it. I was familiar with the name, meaning I have heard of Debo Band but I [...]

my significant secret 157 Comments

Airing your dirty laundry; behind closed doors; biting your tongue; left in the dark; covering your tracks; keeping it under the hat; under wraps; on the DL (down-low); mum is the word; off the record. These are English idioms off the top of my head with a little bit of help via Google; basically verbalizing [...]

Telish Died 113 Comments

The first time I saw Tilahun live, I couldn’t help the tears that fell down my cheeks. He was so humble when people would come and talk to him. He was on a wheel chair but yet he would try to raise himself up to show respect. There are a few song by Tilahun I [...]

@ the Inaugration 52 Comments

They said record crowds, a moment in history and so on. So I went after a friend urged me. Although I was not looking to standing in the cold for hours, as I have done it a few times. I have seen Obama a few times, at critical moments including the night before the election [...]

Sound Off! 25 Comments

Happy 2009 for all the Bernosians all over the woorrrld! Don’t regret shit, take a big risks for 2009. Also tell us how much you looooooooooooooooooooooooooovee Bernos!!