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bernos™ has a new home 272 Comments

Yes we know its been a while but we are still here! Summer of 2010 is almost over but it was very good. We went to San Jose for ESFNA in July. It was exciting to meet some of our west coast bernos™ fans. While in San Jose, we introduced our new bernos™ shirts. If [...]

Skin Color 175 Comments

Can’t imagine being  estranged from their own parents for 27 years, but Sandra Laing, a “black” South African woman experienced that during the apartheid era. Born to White parents, she was born with “African features” which caused much controversy & eventually forced her to claim the race that the South African government classified her as [...]

munit 328 Comments

Nolawi wrote a piece about Munit’s video “Noro Noro” a little over a year ago. He was referring more to her style of music and how much he loved the fact that it was not synthesized, or over synthesized, like a lot of Ethiopian music nowadays. I don’t remember how I met Munit, but I [...]

Summit of all Summits 27 Comments

I remember when I attended my first ESAi summit. I remember the trouble I went through to get there and I’m pretty sure those around me then can vouch for it too. It was one of the most invigorating and unforgettable experiences of my college years. It was the 3rd annual Summit in Berkeley, CA. [...]

Obama’s Soft Care 10 Comments

That is what they call it, the republican pundits that is.  Currently I am in my office working but with my headphones on. I am quietly listing to the Obama’s bipartisan health care summit. I and those around me, those of us that sacrificed money as well as time to get Obama elected are finally [...]