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its an Habesha Life 77 Comments

Episode 2 The Film continues, I am still hooked! I love drama, dating worE.

its an Habesha Life 81 Comments

Episode 1 It’s a series of short stories with the same characters, dealing with all sort of life issues.  From what I have just seen this is some serious set of films; I will be promoting each episode as they come out whenever.

Oldies But Goodies VI 1,308 Comments

Gofere Gofere or Afro in English, is one of my favorite hairstyles on a lady. The first thing that comes in my mind when thinking about gofere are the women patriots (arbegnoch) that fought the Italians during the war and occupation of Ethiopia (1935-1941)  These freedom fighters fought side by side with their male counterparts [...]

Stuff I like 182 Comments

This is going to be a series of post with stuff I really like.  Basically I will post the stuff maybe a picture or a video or a link and a little description. Hey I like a lot of different stuff; let me know what you like? Ergonomics office chair – since I spend a [...]

the shower: prt III 3,150 Comments

I have yet to figure out how to successfully navigate the grey borders between nonchalant compliance and active accountability: a weakness that has somehow worked in my favor, much to the chagrin of those that I have disappointed specifically because of it. Note to self: Self-help books written by others do irreparable harm to the [...]