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bernos™ via Agnes & Lola on CNN 125 Comments

Although slowly, we here at bernos have been made some progress over the summer. We have been sending our products to retailers in various parts of the world. I remember when we first sent some bernos™ tees to a store in US Virgin Islands about 18 months ago. One of these stores is Agnes & [...]

Deeeebo Band! 34 Comments

I got an email from the PR person for Debo Band, for a plug on bernos. Generally I look at what they are promoting since I get those emails all the time. If its music, I have to like it. I was familiar with the name, meaning I have heard of Debo Band but I [...]

Yesterday’s AA 31 Comments

Yes, we are developing our new site and I have been working on it on and off for about 3 months. It’s one of those things I have started working on a few times but somehow things fall apart as with any large web development project with a very small budget and time (mostly the [...]

ohh soccertime 107 Comments

I haven’t been able to concentrate enough to think straight the last week let alone work. I have been watching the first world cup in Africa. Tshabalala & Drogba are my two favorite players this cup. I have never been able to understand true fans of soccer that root for teams other than their own. [...]

Joshua 22 Comments

If I can count the number of times I’ve had a conversation with my Abesha friends of how we aspire to give back to our people back home in Addis and how it would be great to have an NGO or build a school etc…but when the opportunity arises to give back by sacrificing time [...]