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Noro Noro :: ?? ??

I have often complained whenever I hear new music from Ethiopia or by Ethiopians. Obviously I’ve heard a few sounds over the last 5 years that doesn’t make me cringe.

I do not like synthesized music — Melaku Sahluof Addis Connexion wrote a nice piece explaining our complaints as well as the thought from the musicians perspective.

An audience that is largely ambivalent to the precipitously detrimental effects of unlicensed copying and distribution (especially given the increasingly easy ways to do this) results in untold amounts of lost revenue and the forms of music copyrights and distribution traditionally practiced, leave many artists at a distinct financial disadvantage.  The net effect may be that some amount of talent may not enter the field at all or produce work that is not of the quality that it could be.  Many music purists have complained about the proliferation of synthesized sounds throughout contemporary Ethiopian music but the prohibitive costs of using live musicians for endless recording sessions cannot be practical to all but the most successful artists unless the current business model is changed quite a bit.

Now when I want to hear something new that is from Ethiopia, I listen to Azmari musica, I haven’t liked anything out of Ethiopia since forever.

Ere  Bati Bati: Etenshe & Gashaw

I do like stuff by Ethiopians that are not in Ethiopia. I like Ethiopian Hip Hop or jazzist like Either Orchestra or Dereb Desalegn and Nicky Bomba.

I know and have heard Munit from the above for years when she was backup for Wayna or singing live with Burntface. I like her style and music.

56 Responses to “Ere unsynthesized”

  1. 1 Dinich

    This is real music….both that is…

  2. 2 Anonx

    I dont understand why musicians complain. Make your money out of concerts and wedding/other events. That is the new model.Give away your music, and shut up!(yes! I copy and aint gonna stop)

  3. 3 Selam T

    Thanks Nolawi,

    I agree with you completely.

  4. 4 tsedey

    I like Munit’s song. she just reminded me of India Arie.

  5. 5 Ya ya

    to be honest with you I know munit in person but her music… eeee naaa I don’t like it.. I don’t like her voice.. but Girl keep doing what you doing..

  6. 6 Dinich

    Ya ya,

    U have to realize that because of the acoustic style of her singing and also the natural, unprocessed, unaltered voice that she chose to use, the song may have a tendency to sound a little too dry to our ears that is used to overprocessed vocals hiding behind synthesized music, effects, and pitch correcting devices.

    If we try our favorite vocalists with just an acoustic guitar and no vocal processing, we ll be surprised how bad they sound.


  7. 7 wtf

    Ya ya,

    What, pray tell, is the purpose of stating that you know Sefanit in person … and then that you don’t like her music? (with a “… eeee naaaa” comment at that) I guess i’m curious to know if you would you tell her face to face that you don’t like her music and why you don’t like her music in some form of constructive/supportive criticism?

    I’m thinking, if you’re anything close to a useful friend/acquaintance, that’ll be more helpful than your ” … eeee naaaa ….” comment.

  8. 8 Nolawi

    i think its ok to tell a person that you dont like their stuff… – it preference… even to their face… but i suspect you may have two faces

    but anyways i like her music it has soul and naturality

  9. 9 Ya ya

    wtf, wtf? seema or semi I never get a chance to see her face to face after she relased her song. and I have the right to say I don’t like her voice if i don’t like it! for my statment saying eeehh hmmm what ever it’s my ababel whatever you can call it.. do I have to lie to her if I don’t like her song becouse I know her?or I must like her song? give me a break!!.. if she ask me about her song, I will tell her my honest opnion she is a person not a God..

    Nolawi, hmm what makes you think I have two faces?? I just mad a comment how I feel about her song is that what it is? I just don’t like her voice that’s all and this is nothing to do with her eshi..

  10. 10 Selam T

    I think Munit has a very nice voice, she got style, she is playful. She is differnt simplistic. Wonderful!
    The song has great message.
    The best I heard in a long time. Keep it up.

  11. 11 Misgana

    Here is an interview with Munit on

    I like her music. I think she is very talented. I hope she inspires other musicians in Ethiopia.

  12. 12 justme

    i got a chance to see here in addis. I loved her…i think she is great.

  13. 13 story

    I only like real Ethiopian sounding songs. I cannot stand anything that tries to sound English!! LOL! Azmari and bahil songs are always good. But i am not feeling any R&B songs in Amharic. Leave R&B to real R&B singers from US stick to ur own. Ill keep it real i hate MUnit song! it sounds terrible and honestly she has no talent. This days any abesha can grab mic and sing lol! good old days talent was required.

  14. 14 Morley

    So who has talent in your book? I’m curious to know!

  15. 15 story

    well read my comment again. I said real Ethiopian songs are filled with talent like traditonal songs and Azmari songs. But fake Westernized songs have no demn talent in my book. In your book u can have your own standards of talent but this is my standard.

  16. 16 Dinich


    It is ok not to like her music but to say that she has no talent is just not fair. That is more on the hating side..

    The girls definitely has got talent

  17. 17 fair

    I agree Ya ya and story. the girl has no talent I am sorry. she is just a western copycat type. trust me i have much much better voice than this girl. I can’t even sing her song it looks like fukera or rap. most of you guys, I think you know the girl in a person and you don’t want to say or admit her music is suck LOL “miknyatoom tekeyemaletch bemalet…. ” I heared some of the english song on myspace page it’s ok than the Amharic one. ..

    but people have the right to say ” I don’t like her song” she is SUCK ..

  18. 18 Wurgatu

    ya ya, yes munit is not a SHE GOD…but like we saw in so many movies…would u kill a person while he is stairin at u or will u prefer it at the back?…ayin betam tilik tirgum alewu…i know u wouldn’t do it!!!….but i agree with you and story…the girl is YALAWAKI SAMI…


  19. 19 Dinich

    Sorry guys but I have to say that anyone who thinks this girl doesn’t have the voice and the talent, doesn’t really know the difference between talent and style.

    I understand ppl who are not into her style, but to say that she doesn’t have the voice/talent is IMPOSSIBLE.

    I know we r all sick and tired of wannabe R&B amarigna artists, but we gotta be able to recognize it when it is real talent.


  20. 20 story


    oh please don’t get it twisted. I LOve LOVe jazz and R&B. Im huge fan of that style of music. I LOVe for example Norah JOnes music of Jazz and R&B by Jill scott. I just seriously think this girl cannot sing at all. she has cute face and good spirts but her singing ability is lacking i am so sorry to keep it real.

  21. 21 justme

    err story…the girl knows how to rock..i have seen her live performance in addis. She has a great voice and style…

  22. 22 Winta

    That is like plain ” NIGIGIR” like “NORO NORO NORO….” I don’t like it.

  23. 23 story

    NIgIGIR exactly not singing but menegager! The lyrics are so good if a singer that knows how to sing sings it wow it would have been hot.

  24. 24 anonx

    Why can’t minigigar be put in art form? Seems fine to me. At least she is a rare bread in that she is an original new artist

  25. 25 Dinich


    Bingo….she could have simply killed Tizita and everybody would have wowed her….That is the hall mark of a real artist….doing something no body did….nobody has the guts to even try what she is doing….

  26. 26 anonx

    Correction: breed instead of bread. :)

  27. 27 tpeace

    i could loop this song over and over and over…i love it

  28. 28 beimnet

    i think this was a beautiful song and i think that the woman and the guy were both really good

  29. 29 Ankami

    I enjoy a lot with Munit videoclip. I knew Munit music five or six mounth ago, bup this piece is really good.

  30. 30 Ya ya

    Good word Nigiger.. that’s i am trying to tell you guys.If she have the voice sing it not nigiger
    I got some Gitem for you..:)
    munit munyee yene monmonaye
    Noro Noro tetesh esti beye munaye
    Maskinko Kebero ene aweshhalew
    keraron kayetche ajabe honeshalew
    bitcha Noron Tetesh Demteshen asemen
    endenkebelesh elle elle belen
    yenwan Munitwan Eywat endenelsh
    kelebesh zefgn yewnet demtse kalesh
    I know you got the look bettam konjo Nesh
    Tadya min yadergal be’ Noro Keresh
    yenema monaye monmonaye nesh::
    LOL ….

  31. 31 Dinich

    Noro milew zefen lenie yiTmegnal
    Munit atqeyriw beTam tesmamtognal
    Ya ya yanchi neger fetsimo baygebaw
    esti lizfenbet leqeq argegn beyiw

    lol lol

  32. 32 Ya ya

    aye Dinchye yene Dinchewa
    mekereshat moteshal anchim awekeshena
    obama enkwa belowal change lhulm zega
    anchi gin muniten mekeryat endeza
    benegeratchen laye dinch lengeresh
    ene Girl mehonen ewekew ebakesh
    yekirta adergehalew bemesasatesh
    dinch selmewede mikinyat yehonesh
    Ye munit zefen ketesmemashema
    dankira metchebet Bernos lye komenna
    noro noro noro eyalesh erre bye holgeze
    dinich mohnesh kerto shinkorte endotyee
    mezefen setabezhe ye muniten Noro
    doro Endathogn demetsesh tekeyero
    akokolo endatye yewende awroa doro
    Adera dinchye adera Zendero

    wow I am good

    go on free style lol lol

  33. 33 Dinich

    lol…u r too good….I am a he by the way…

    I ll have to think about a comback….i ll be back harder though….

  34. 34 ya ya

    Zendiro zefagninet beEthiopia erswom yimokirut honwal lol

  35. 35 Dinich

    lol @ ersom yimokrut..ere the girl is way more professional than anyone…check all her songs on her myspace….especially “i remember” and “let it be”

  36. 36 ya ya

    dinchye i did listen to her song lol lante beye selegabezekegn bitcha :) oh man oh man.. you are kidding me right? zefena zefna eko abebaye hoshen debealeketchebet..ende?
    endegena amargna enna English ekaka minamin chereka dembuloka.. well I will leave the girl alone eshi.. do ur thing girl…

    dinchye how are you my Dear? lol

  37. 37 munit.mesfin

    WOW! i have inspired new poetry :) haha… and have learnt new terms “alawaki sami”. heheh. what does THAT mean?

    thanks for the support and the criticism…

    thanks nolawi for sharing the music and appreciating its acoustic nature.

    i am glad the lyrics have moved some of you. that was my hope!

    this is only the beginning!


    munit mesfin

  38. 38 endalc

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  40. 40 Winta

    ezim nuro eziyam nuro weyinie nuro zendiro ehehehehehehe

  41. 41 endalc

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  47. 47 Alisa

    Right on my man!

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