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Yesterday’s AA 31 Comments

Yes, we are developing our new site and I have been working on it on and off for about 3 months. It’s one of those things I have started working on a few times but somehow things fall apart as with any large web development project with a very small budget and time (mostly the [...]

mobile we come 34 Comments

Report shows that Africa has 12% of the new cell phone subscribers in the world, tallying 20 million more cell phone users in first Quarter of 2010. What’s actually more fascinating to me is that they’re saying that the continent now has close to 50% penetration; meaning that there’s a lot of growth left to [...]

Similarities? 85 Comments

This guys if weird, I mean really weird and whenI saw this video I couldn’t stop laughing. I could see how this could happen. Regardless though, I was surprised this morning when I got an email this morning claiming that “… this sums of most of your articles on Bernos.”

bamboozled! 25 Comments

I got burnt, played, bamboozled, punked, schooled fucked over, taken or whatever else slang terms are used when someone is fooled. My sister recently told me that she hates it when someone tells her that they are a good judge of character. The phrase is, ‘I know people;’ knowing people as in figuring out someone’s [...]

Woooorld Cup Qualificator 66 Comments

We are here at work (dotmike from BlenCorp) but we are not working. One of my African buddies has created an a little gadget antenna that lets him watch the game on a small laptop hidden away in the corner of the cubical. We have also been arguing who will make it and out of [...]