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I know what you?re thinking. Why did I sign that 3 year contract for only an mp3/radio/camera/video/bluetooth cell phone? That's right, for some, that?s not enough. We will soon enter a phase of a far more sophisticated phone. For now, businesses are taking full advantage of it (of these ridiculous gadgets) and tomorrow it shall be a norm. Fellow cell trekkers, I bring you the blackberry. You probably come across it during small segments on CNN or on some Jay-Z videos. But since you need reliable information, I shall break it down for you. RIM (research in motion) is a Canadian company that?s an hour west of Toronto that brought the famous blackberry to the business venture. Imagine the power of PC in the palm of your hand and functions of wireless communications; you can re-adjust a business transaction while taking a number two. However, the world is about competition. This brings us to this American company called NTP Inc that made its own patent to reclaim the American industry. But hold on, RIM wanted its technology to be how you say "unplagiarized. Than Washington had to get involved, but in my views the only reason it was involved was because of the huge extent it has to the American economy. And also due to the fact that some congressmen goggling Jessica Alba was easier than fighting the deficit. (Sigh) So back to my miniature story, before it got messy, RIM paid out NTD $450 million, and did some binding settlements, which again gets complicated? If you want the extended version I suggest goggle search engine. So America, are we ready for such phones in our life. Will we need PC again? Can we still press hold on someone and make bank payments with our thumbs? Come to think of it, I?m glad I signed that contract; I am not ready for all these Cosmo experience in the palm of my hand.

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  2. 2 Tadios

    the rest of the world has left the US in the dust when it comes to wireless technology and availability.

    the only great thing about a blackberry is that you can get your enterprise email in almost real time. Other than that, there is no difference from regular PDAs and cell phones (minus the camera, music, etc)….ohhh, I forgot, it now is capable of GPS, but other than that…..

  3. 3 Temelkach

    Technology is supposed to make life easier, right? so it did just that leading us to the blackberry in addition to some more on the list….But I now find it that, the speed of life is increasing at such a high rate that it’s almost decreasing the quality of life and yes GPS is great to have but with mp3/radio/camera/video/bluetooth AND tv features added, they all run on the same power source so although not in a vacuum cleaner speed, they all suck up the energy and you’d find yourself recharging your phone more often cos you were listening to whatever entertainment and…I think sometimes more is just more and not really better…

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