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Find me Consensus 13 Comments

I was just browsing the web, reading the reviews of customers who bought a certain products on Amazon; scanning to see if a book is popular or lame. I found that half the people think that the author is a pretentious bastard who can’t write for shit and then other half either thought the book [...]

Deeeebo Band! 32 Comments

I got an email from the PR person for Debo Band, for a plug on bernos. Generally I look at what they are promoting since I get those emails all the time. If its music, I have to like it. I was familiar with the name, meaning I have heard of Debo Band but I [...]

bernos™ has a new home 229 Comments

Yes we know its been a while but we are still here! Summer of 2010 is almost over but it was very good. We went to San Jose for ESFNA in July. It was exciting to meet some of our west coast bernos™ fans. While in San Jose, we introduced our new bernos™ shirts. If [...]

Yesterday’s AA 30 Comments

Yes, we are developing our new site and I have been working on it on and off for about 3 months. It’s one of those things I have started working on a few times but somehow things fall apart as with any large web development project with a very small budget and time (mostly the [...]

Flashing Lights 363 Comments

I’m standing at the bar sipping my drink and chatting up with a couple of people.  My peripheral vision is disturbed and my curiosity takes over as I turn my head to focus on the disturbance. Flashing light! My first thought is ‘what da #$@$!’.  As I realize what just had happened, my confusion changes [...]