Flashing Lights 364 Comments

I’m standing at the bar sipping my drink and chatting up with a couple of people.  My peripheral vision is disturbed and my curiosity takes over as I turn my head to focus on the disturbance.

Flashing light!

My first thought is ‘what da #$@$!’.  As I realize what just had happened, my confusion changes to irritation and then anger.

I threw my drink down my throat and started to follow.  He moves elegantly and professionally through the crowd.  He is completely inconspicuous and acts like part of the façade, the reprinted art hanging on the wall, the cheesy wall paper…  He is part of the ambiance and this is the reason of his success- un-noticeable but effective, in his natural realm and hard at work.  A fregging predator!

He pauses to shoot once more.  I reach him as he aims.  I wait until he has made the shot.

Flashing light!

I gently grab his elbows.  Firmly!  He turns smiling and expecting a familiar face.  His smile is still, although he realizes that the face is unfamiliar.  He is a professional.

“Selam”, he nods at me.  “Tadias nefese”, I respond as continue to be pushed to-and-fro by the gyrating crowd in the constant move.

I say, “Nefse, foto’yen iko satey teyekengn anesah”.  He switches to English.  “Yeah man, we are documenting our parties so that we can post the pictures on-line.  You wanna see your picture…I can take it again” he says, eying the missing button from my shirt and fidgeting with his Cannon to pull the picture of me he has just ‘documented’.  I am mad now.  I am trying hard to keep myself stoic and rational but still, I want to strangle his scrawny neck.

I inform him “dude, I don’t want my picture taken without being told that my picture is being taken.  Please delete my picture.  I don’t want my face plastered all over the internet….”—you know how the rest goes…

This is one of the few things that really get under my skin- rouge paparazzi wannabe’s (HEREAFTER known as PZ) snapping pictures of sober and not so-sober patrons trying to have a good time.  Next thing you know, your mom is calling asking when you started smoking having heard of your now public profile from Mimi’s mother, who used to be in the same equb.   (Side note: Mimi and I had a one night stand and one of us had decided to keep it at just that while the other may have had other ambitions- or at least, that’s the only reason I could think of for the change in attitude—but that’s another story.)

While I understand that there are no laws protecting unsuspecting patrons from their picture being taken by the  PZ’s, I am with the opinion that it is only common courtesy to let drunks be drunks and let  people enjoy themselves without being harassed by random flashing lights.   I would hate to see my picture on Flicker or the habesha related websites, which I will not mention here.

Especially today in the era of cloud computing where you have no idea where Google or Bank of America is storing your personal info, who’s  to say who can get to this info or how it may be used?  I admit it does sound paranoid, but I rather be safe and have no pictures of my smoking and drunk self posed on line.  That way, there is nothing to be worried about, or no skeletons in the closet to ‘admit to’ when I run for a Senate seat in 2050 – you know what I mean.

Basic etiquette, some argue is relative.  I argue the total opposite.   I will further argue that taking people’s pictures in places of entertainment without advising them beforehand does not adhere to idea of basic etiquette.  It, however, goes perfectly with the idea of Capitalism, where the goal is to make as much money as possible.  Why else would someone hire a PZ to ‘document’ his/her patrons?

Would it not to show off on some website what kind of crowd his/her party’s attract, the number of people, the length of the skirts and the depth of the cleavages?  So that when Asheber in Iowa looks at the website, he will immediately reroute his ticket to D.C for his Christmas break.  For many, this may be OK, but I, for one will b$%#@ slap the next PZ that tries to ‘document’ my charming smile!

MR/MS PZ, You have been warned!

364 Responses to “Flashing Lights”

  1. 1 MadMan

    Fotograph Mansat Kelkel New!!

    Yes, I think we need to bring every ol skool ‘zebegna’ from back home because the minute they see you with a camera they will just say ‘fotograph mansat kelkel new!’ , something they got from DERG where every corner in Addis is some highly sensitive geographical location…including the ‘tej bet’ across the street!!

    Same reason why I am sick and tired of DC (abesha..where i usually go) clubs! The next day I get a phone call from some nickel-head who is always glued to his small handy device… to tell me “oh by the way you and your crew were at such and such club!. WTF? huh? “oh yal were pretty wild too!” Yah, thanx to Facebook ‘akatariw’!

    So Club Promoters enough with this crap!! If I was posing for my photograph to be taken ok maybe yes if you post it I won’t even mind (especially if i fly…GQed up). But here I am minding my business, chillaxing with friends, can’t even notice the flash because I am in the freaking club…and i come to I find out I have been on the web. Cumoon I am serious my Moms is on Facebook too (in Addis) and she sent me to this lovely land so I make something out of myself (well actually she paid for my DV application postage) … not to look like a fool.

    So I BOYCOTT Abesha damn clubs!! Who is with me? Lets go to Jojo, or DUKEM (I love Dukem the land of OTB’s and FOB’s) And promoters one more thing pls stop with your annoying text … the more you text the more I get annoyed, the more I get annoyed the more …oh the hell with it.

    I think i might just start hanging out with ‘borchamu shereritoch’ (cabbie operators)

  2. 2 nolawi

    As you can see if you dont pose for the pictures they dont take your photos… most of the people in the photos are taking them willingly…

    demo what is the big deal.. photos dont lie.. no one is giving the wrong impression of you.. sekaram dureyewoch..

    not that i am not.. but i am not complaining…

    i once was at the club… and the photographer.. came to take the picture but i turned around because i didnt want a photo with the girl i was talking to at the time.. so he turned around too… they are very cool guys…

  3. 3 C

    DCians may be familiar with the couple of demonstrations last week, one pro and another against the eth government. Some abesha based website had the audacity to send photographer to the other demonstration, have him/her take pics and post them on the website asking its readers to ‘identify’ the traitors…
    now, i don’t care what anyone says, but that simply is f#$%ed up.
    Some people may say that they’re just reporting what happened and who attended, but deep inside, there is something wrong with this.

    I draw a parallel with a photographer taking a random and non-random picture of people and posting it on line, with the situation above. Yes, they’re reporting what happened but I will be damned if some ‘nickle head’ snaps a my pic and posts it on line without my consent. I’m sorry but there just something wrong with this.

  4. 4 Dalia


    I do not agree with you. Club promoters/photographers take your pictures whether you pose for them or not. They don’t wait for people to pose for them. They are constantly snapping shots. It’s very annoying and disrespectful.

    I understand there are people who don’t mind when their picture is taken. In the same token, there are people like myself and the author of this article that do not want their picture taken and posted everywhere online.

    I pay my money to get into these events, and I can’t enjoy it because some annoying photographer is taking my pictures. You can not avoid them. Everywhere you turn, there is the flash light. I don’t want anyone to take my picture. The whole world doesn’t need to know where I was on saturday or friday night. I do not want my picture posted online. Most of my family members are on facebook. I am friends with most of my co-workers and my boss on facebook. These people do not need to see me in a club drinking, smoking, or dancing. What I do over the weekend is my business. I don’t want DC club promoters taking and posting my pictures. It is damaging to a lot of abesha professionals.

    I try to avoid abesha parties at any cost because of this picture taking issue without my permission. However, I get dragged there from time to time and deal with the annoying promoter/photographer every time.

    DC promoters please stop taking pictures and let people enjoy their night in clubs. It’s violation of privacy.

    I wish they have a photo booth where people can go there and have their picture taken. May be that’s something to think about instead of harassing people by constantly taking their picture. PLEASE STOP TAKING MY PICTURE.

  5. 5 Anonymous

    Agreed! Photo documentation is unnecessary. The only thing we get out of it is the chance to browse and laugh at all the familiar faces that go, see who knows who from the sefer or corner store and see how people are dressed. Outside of that, an abesha party where you charge people to get in is NOT your personal party you hosted so why are you photographing your clients? i.e. THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS so get your little digital and snap pictures of your friends in your own corner and leave others to enjoy themselves in peace.

    Conclusion: Abesha Party = 80% of time spent dodging flashes, 10% of time spent shoving through the crowd to the bar, 8% of time drinking to get through the night, 1.8% carrying a conversation, 0.2% of time is all you get to enjoy at a $20 cost to you!

    But… since this is how things are done it’s ultimately your choice whether you actually go or not! But it would be nice to accommodate us with the “no random photo taking” policy and asking to take photos of people who are interested in being posted online to promote your events!

  6. 6 Nolawi

    Ya no one forces you to go there…. ayiii you guys … am gonna get a real dc promoter to respond to this…

  7. 7 Malik Desta

    I really didn’t even want to comment on this thread but Nolawi wanted me to so i’m gonna say a few things and be on my way…

    I’ve been an avid reader of Bernos blogs for years now and part of the reason why i like their articles is because they’re usually informative and nurturing… Much to my surprise this last one has been a little bit of a disappointment.

    It seems to me like everyone is in a complaining mode…

    Let me start by asking why you keep going back to places were you don’t feel comfortable? Let me actually ask you another question, when was the last time you went to ANY club, for this matter, and didn’t see a camera man? (Jojo’s & Dukem are not clubs)…

    In an era were phones have two cameras and the ability to upload files instantly you seem to be worried about the wrong camera man.

    We never take and post pictures against peoples will. There’s a lot of quality control that goes into the pics we put out so if you ever see any of your pics posted on our sites or fb pages it’s because they look good and not because we want you to look drunk. The last thing we want to do is post belligerent drunk people to represent our customers.

    Yes… we use pictures for marketing reasons. I don’t know why that’s such a surprise. Would you rather take a promoters word about his event or see it for yourself? Pictures don’t lie (unless they are photoshoped, lol).

    You’re also forgetting a very important reason why we do take pictures… MEMORIES… We capture special moments in peoples lives (birthdays, graduations, pre-weddings, etc).

    If you’re in the club doing things you’re not supposed to be doing then that’s something you’ll have to work on yourself. There’s no such thing as violation of privacy when you’re in a public place.

    The DCABESHA Crew has been taking pictures at their events for over 12 years and NO pic has ever been posted online against the customers will, there have been incidents were some people have asked to get their pictures taken off for reasons concerning their careers or personal life and we’ve acted accordingly.

    No one is perfect we fix problems as we go, so please next time you criticize the hard work and effort we put into these events, try to include something constructive too.

  8. 8 NewReader

    Malik, although I understand what you’re saying and see the validity in your argument I am forced to disagree with you. I have had someone take my picture on SEVERAL occasions at one of your events without my permission. I like and respect most of the Abesha promoters in the area but seriously I can name at least a dozen people who have experienced the same thing. As for posting only nice pictures, you cannot decide what constitutes a good picture as opinions vary. I have also been to many legitimate clubs where I’ve never worried about my pictures ending up in some social networking site (at least not without my knowledge). So, you ask for constructive criticism… how about not taking people’s pictures without getting an actual permission? There are a ton of ppl who would love to pose so why not take their pictures… this being said.. if I had such a huge problem with the issue, I would stop coming out to any of the events altogether.. but I generally have a good time and after a few (well many) requests I’ve finally succeeded in letting yall know that I don’t want my pictures taken… I will take my own pictures (and I do) when and if I would like to document an event ?

  9. 9 Malik Desta

    Opinions do vary from person to person but i don’t think it takes a scientist to figure out what a nice picture is…

    Are you telling me someone took your pic at my event and run aways before you could ask to be deleted from it. it’s really as simple as asking and you’ll be erased immediately. It take less time to do so than to write on this blog.

    It’s hard to tell who wants pics taken & who doesn’t unless you inform us… this would be a great chance for you to make it known but your’re not even revealing your real identity so imagine how hard it makes it for me to do what you’re asking for.

    Please email me at malikdesta@gmail.com your full name and a recent photo of what you look like so i can make sure you’re not included in the next batch (I think that should be the first things ppl should do before jumping on a blogs and complaining).

    I repeat we’re not posting peoples pictures against their will. All our establishment have signs that explain that we’ll be taking pictures.

    You should take some of the responsibility too and take actions on the spot.
    Next time please include names and real fact of incidents so we can correct them or understand better what to do, So far all i have is your word.

  10. 10 New Reader II

    Someone directed me to the blog to read Malik’s response… LOL! So this is really to all the promoters who are being represented by Malik…. (Nothing personal against anyone of you )…
    1. I am sure someone has told you somewhere that it is illegal to take someone’s picture without their consent – and then to post it on a social networking site/website and use it as promotional material …
    2. Please note you haven’t been doing this for 12 years….NO! You should really consider going back to your CD giveaways and red roses for the ladiesn days…
    3. Where on God’s green earth have you seen promoters taking pics of “edemtegnas”??
    4. The professional clubs, “not the restaurant by day club by night ones”, will set up a station where you can go and get your picture taken for a fee see you can make more money this way too… No one is in your face the WHOLE time you are there.
    5. I have to agree with anonymous, this is not your “personal” party…it’s a place of business. You should cater to your clients’ needs… and if you want to be a respected business man…
    6. You are under NO obligation to photo document anyone’s special moments in the club. Enday?!?!? If we want to document my Kodak moment I will bring my smart-phones along!
    However, I do agree that people should take responsibility for their actions….you’re not obligated to keep anyone’s secrets…..but, of course if you didn’t post the pics the wife wouldn’t have found out ? ….POINT well taken there….
    At the end of the day you give us something to do on Monday mornings….instead of coffee and the paper it’s now coffee and facebook ?
    But, seriously please respect people’s privacy and ask before you shoot. It’s very simple.

  11. 11 Mamitu

    Very interesting back and forth. How about we hear from some lawyers? Eh! (I know at least two who read Bernos).

    My question is:
    Is there a waiver that the patrons sign?

    I am technologically challenged but my advice for those who patronize these events would be with facial recognition technology becoming available soon, I wouldn’t be seen in a compromising picture in these events as in being tipsy or …. if you have big plans for the future like running for the Senate for instance :) .

  12. 12 Dawit Lema

    Effin loosers, maybe 20 ppl read these – so get a life. You guys remind me of Robert Mugabe, Mengestu H Maria, Isayas Afework … Typical Africa who try to stop the forward movement. Stay home and bitc.. How it was good before Internet & camera @ the club! Be yourself and open your mind, life is too short or be a looser – out and gone to the real world.

  13. 13 Malik Desta

    I just realized i’m arguing with cyber characters (anonymous, New Reader…)
    Come on ppl, this issue is specific to certain individuals. I can’t address your problems if i don’t know who you are. You shouldn’t generalize because like one of you said earlier, opinions vary.
    If you really consider this to be a problem you can contact me on the address i posted up top and i’ll do my best to help you solve it, but if all we’re doing is bickering then my apologies but i have no time for that.

    DCABESHA has been in business since 1998, you do the math.

    Go back to your cd days? Sounds like you’re hating to me… We’re “on to the next one over here”.

  14. 14 beshou

    first off,

    i think it’s getting a little out of hand and it would be safe to assume, that people are going to talk about you and what you were doing whether you like it or not, without there being proof [picture] of you being there or not.

    Aside from the abesha promoters, most of the commercial clubs you go have photographers. as malik pointed out, its for simple marketing reasons. it has nothing to do with any abesha promoter, or your average promoters, trying to “make you look bad”.

    a lot of you are complaining because you see who is taking the pictures, you know where its going to end up and don’t want that to happen. understandable. but know that any other venue you go, whether they ask you to pose or not, will use your picture without your consent. so think about the last time you partied in NY or vegas, and didn’t realize your picture what being taken. it will end up on some site that you may not be aware, but the fact of the matter is…its out there, and you don’t know, have no control or say about it.

    i’ve personally went up to malik(and other habesha promoters) a few times and asked them not post my pictures on his website or on facebook, not because i was scared of what people were going to say. and they never did post my picture.

    as a photographer, i do respect people’s privacy. i do understand the need to ask permission to take pictures. however, i do think this is being blown out of proportion.

  15. 15 C

    this is really funny…and heating up quick.

    Nolawi- great idea on inviting a real dc promoter into this mix. Its nice to hear the other side and check both prespectives…

  16. 16 Yared

    It’s business as usual.. No ethics in todays American Capitalist Market. I saw DChabesha.com’s photos and The guys all look like a bunch of drunk low life’s that drink and drive cabs, and the women look like a bunch of $2 dollar drunk hoes… No class what so ever…

  17. 17 Nolawi

    Oh please Yared, in a free market society people have a choice to visit places they want and omit those they dont want.. stop crying people…

    Yared— pleaaaaaase! this is off topic..& some people have game only for the 2$ hoes… :)

  18. 18 New Reader II

    Malik, were you even in the US in 98? To start DC abesha malet newe….but that’s neither here nor there…completely off topic. However, what difference does it make if I tell you I am Senait, Aynalem etc….you don’t know me. So I am as anonymous as they get!

    The point is that it would be nice and courteous, even beshou agrees as a photographer– to ask before you snap. There is NO reason why people need to be dunking all night trying to avoid your flash. Most of us commenting are too old to be coming to your “gigs” anyway…so it’s a good deterrent.

    Nolawi….LOL at the game for a $2 hoe! That’s just wrong! I hope you have better class than that.

  19. 19 Caught_by_Wifey

    Not obligated, but Mr. Promoter, can you like like …like not expose the cheaters. I mean, gosh, where is the privacy from the wifey… Thats why I pay you. Others may not pay for that, but I pay for that.;)

  20. 20 fikir

    I have been to a couple of dcabesha parties and they really suck ass big time. First off, they are too expensive for the average joe. Another thing, there is always people ,with connection, can enter in the club while the rest are standing in line.

  21. 21 Hulet Santim

    Here is my hulet santim:

    I think there is a thin line to distinguish what to post and what not to post because you will not see the photos until the next day or even later. But if you pose for a photo it is more likely they will be used for online promotion and that is the nature the beast. If you happen to pass by and you were caught in action all you have to do is ask them to remove it.

    I am from the old school era going as far as the beginning of the 90′s, D&D (Danny and Dee) Entertainment, Massinko, Bravo Bravo, Le-tamtam, Mr. Henery’s and so on and one thing I noticed is that the new cats are more socially active and respectful. Especially I have so much respect for Malik because he is always the first one to show up for most social related and charity events. Humble and very professional dude.

    So my people stop crying! We are in different times now. You see the photo snapping in almost every club.

  22. 22 Yared

    Just don’t go to those clubs/bars if you don’t want your photos taken. Thats what goes on for marketing purposes to get people to come out. You won’t find me dead in there because to me “Its like a tela bet”…lol only difference is that it is in America, and believe me…the consumers there have the exact mindset of a tela consumer… Growing up in Addis it was the worst low to see someone in a tela bet or bar, I know as a kid you probably thought the same too, so after a decade or so what makes you think clubs/bars are any different. Ohh because they are in America, and the people are more dressed up, seem sophisticated and cool in those bars… rite? People you see there are doin it to themselves unconciously…NOT AWAKE.. DEAD PEOPLE WALKING… their subconcious tells them ITS WRONG… but they are not intouch with their concious mind so they easily make excuses during self talk to get away from their conciousness. I mean your concious mind tells you, you dont want to be seen in that environment by others in the photos taken… BUT WHY ARE YOU THERE…? DID YOU MAKE AN EXCUSE TO BE THERE…? Do your thing but if you’re blogging for opinions… there goes mine.

    Take Care

  23. 23 Wudnesh

    I AGREE with the article!!

    Malik Desta, True, I do know of people whose pic you took off ur website at their request….BUT I also know of others, u didn’t (one example, mine!). After going back and forth with you guys for months (and the reasons run from ‘I am still trying’ to ‘only my brother has the pass word’ to ‘we can’t, cos we may have to delete all the pics in that album but will see what we can do’ bla bla), I gave up!
    The only thing I appreciate now is that I get told, ‘am about to take pic….can you move please?’ at your parties and it has become a ‘joke’ between me and your ‘photographer’.
    And to answer your 1st Qn, it is not that we go to places we dont feel comfortable around….it is the fact that our pics are taken when we dont want to that we are not comfortable about. I hope you are not suggesting that we dont show up unless we want our pic taken ?

    Nol, ur #2 comment is not accurate. For example, I and my friends actually asked the photographer that we didnt want our pic taken….and didnt even know he took our pic when we posed for our own camera, until it got posted on their website. I also know a guy who got in trouble with his wife because she saw his pics taken at one of these parties…at least, they were nice enough to take it off when he asked. But he did not pose for the camera either.
    I understand they do it for promotional purposes and that they dont want to take pic of people posing for the camera only (that wouldn’t really show the great atmosphere at some of these places)…but they also have to understand that some people do not want their photos taken……Simple! Having said all that, I love DCABESHA!

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