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Just yesterday I was having a conversation about how words matter.  Essentially the females in via my social networks said that:

actions speak louder than words”

I have written a little bit about using words to expressing ourselves about this time last year. And essentially most people disagreed with me.

One of you even quoted the bible to dispute my claim. Apparentlya man of understanding holds his tongue.’ Good thing I believe that the bible was written by men, the hypocrisy.

This week a friend of my noticed that I used the word ‘essentially’ to the exhaustion point. Wow, he was right but this is not the first time this happened. Every other month someone is complaining about a certain word that I am using for no apparent reason. My little brother said something to me once… only people with lack of vocabulary use the word ‘like’ for everything.

Like like … you know… those California blonds. It’s like duh I don’t have words in my head so I will put the word ‘like’ everywhere; except mine are usually words that with end with ‘ly.’

I always loved ‘apparently,’ that’s one word I can’t live without. Apparently, it fits everywhere like effectively.  As a designer, when I have to judge designs ‘That logo is effectively designed’ sounds so much more sophisticated than ‘l like that one.’

That is what clients say to me once I submit some options.

Someone somewhere said that good writing is dead, but good writing didn’t die with JD Salinger, its everywhere with the Facebook status and the Tweets.

36 Responses to “Word of the Month”

  1. 1 anonx

    I can tell you enjoyed reading “The Catcher in the Rye”. Something in HS freshman made me read it like in one seating. I think that’s when my like was invented..

    Never imagined that the Catcher was Mr. Salinger’s memoire and manifesto

  2. 2 endalc

    sorry man . several firends they are .catch send .of sneif .bango sorry i doent went to this bad seneif firends .i ll make that my real action . shite

  3. 3 em

    @ anonx:
    What do you mean? its no manifesto.

  4. 4 endalc

    will you say it is not menifosto. .you see every .opject.and conterbiut .of .people .recocnazid.some project. founder.of party .pand. this is all guid to by meinfosto.. how ever .i doent know .what .this your .project. menifosto i ll atend . my learn to thos . how you know mxe.

  5. 5 Dinich


    I have to tell you that I am sick and tired of your writing and I know you are fake.

  6. 6 endalc

    .waw sorry man about for this your sick. .tray .get to good mediction . sir like afect with .me .
    what the mein .fake.

  7. 7 endalc

    do you like afect me

  8. 8 endalc

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    will .jest im deisaid . cunsil .my self for this .your gorup. beacuse , you are all druges.
    doent say agen fake .i ll kill you .i ll came to you at naight . that your resutorant .ok

  9. 9 ep

    As much I enjoyed some of the articles here, it makes me really sad when I see people ridicule the bible audaciously;

    “Bible is written by men Inspired by God“..that is what I believe.

  10. 10 Nolawi

    Lol EP I am sorry but I did not lie at all. It is in fact written my man, regardless of the inspiration. And no religion can ever deny that.

  11. 11 anonx

    em: If you can consider Mr. Salinger silence as a writer a political act, disdain and revolt againt the “phony,” that silence was shadowed in the Catcher…the line about how he would use his dough. One article I read called the book ‘Manifesto of the disenchanted.’

  12. 12 temelkach

    whats so sophisticated about wordiness…

  13. 13 Nolawi

    It gives your character depth.

  14. 14 Nightingale

    @ Dinich:
    Makes the two of us…

  15. 15 Jkhan

    It’s always good to hear to hear some one other than my self say that Bible is written by man. Nolawi i’d be interested to see what reaction you get it you write about religion.

  16. 16 adey

    Word of the Month – Seleda

  17. 17 tsedey

    endalc = abnoxious

  18. 18 Nolawi

    I hae finally decided to block endalc… atleast one PC in Khartoum Sundan is so dinich and company will be happy atlast.

  19. 19 Luli

    I second that Tsedey!

  20. 20 Dinich

    lol @ Dinch and Co.,

    So am I the leader of the revolt against endalc? I hope he wont find me.

  21. 21 tsedey

    thanks nolawi.

  22. 22 endalc

    nolawi. .sorry . our pest .you know .of cours .i was .thoutht send . to you my pictuer .but .i nver get .persenaly .your mail so i donet know .how to can. contacet . with . please tray send your phone nober .i call you .her life not .eisay. . i ve not job .know .im
    it was refugee. but .at this time im desaid . returen .in my homland. ethiopia. addis abeba.

  23. 23 Nightingale

    OMG he is back! Is this the same Endalc or a wannabe?….lol

    I have one question for you Endalc, awkeh new weyis kemereh new? I would understand it better if you answered in Amharic.

    You know what though, I understood two things from all the comments you wrote. First, you don’t have a job…. No offense here but No wonder! :) Second, you once commented that she took your number and never called you (no wonder again!). BTW it is NUMBER not NOBER and oh… If I may, you were waaaaaaaaaaay way out of the subject!

  24. 24 Leo

    Endalc, write in Amahric or shut the hell up. I think he is writing like this just to annoy bernosoch.

  25. 25 Nolawi

    i am working on blocking a bunch of different ip addresses… it has to be one by one… i can block the whole sudan…

  26. 26 ep

    “delete comments” not possible??

  27. 27 helen

    Come on people, it is not that serious. He is not being offensive, he hasn’t insulted anybody and I dont think he has broken any of Bernos’ rules. I don’t think being “annying” to a few people is a good enough reason to block him. You dont have to read his comments if he annoys you so much. I dont think he should be blocked.

  28. 28 anonx

    Exactly what helen said!

    I never know what the guy is talking about; I dont always try to figure out what he says–best I can do is see him as an abstract poet. And not one person has so far stated a reasonable complaint to block Endalc. Whatever your feelings against the guy, live with it–others live with you.

    Some owe him an apology for trying to banish him as if you own the cyberspace… this aint your mama’s house.

  29. 29 wudnesh

    I can understand why you’d block endalk, but why did u block me? mts

  30. 30 endalc

    .will .until know i doent know .what .about .for .helen.? elis. she is .not.say .something for me .incoluding.for.that..our.opject..unil.so that ..i can .not /espeak. for hem .aither i av .severl .firends .im espeak .all way .by freequent .supject. we espeinded .with there .morthan. 5.years .ago .how.ever. i caan not say.you. we was .wiil .creat this this .because .al ways .we are .open .new.negletic. chenge firends .a day .so i doent think so here something. im not make it some.sombole. bigen to this my fewtuerty. life .beigen.to in my homland jest .like one refuge. so what do you say. yes .this is my real feeling .becaues .i lost so menything.heir.know i use .one way .so that .this is my real deisation .if you have say somthing .you can .imformmed . me .

  31. 31 justme

    word of the month is ..”oh my God!

  32. 32 justme

    the only person can handle endalc is toothpick…

  33. 33 endalc

    .u know what ,.this person .he ie claim .until .handel . took to much

  34. 34 Ruta

    Could you explain me what the ‘DEISATION’ mean? I looked everythere, this word is no dictionary. I’m translator from Lithuania it would very helpful if you could tell.
    I’m sorry for speaking about another topic…

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