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Wale – My Sweetie (directed by tabi Bonney) from tabi Bonney on Vimeo.

2009 was a great year for us; we experienced a lot unexpected positive outcomes, and a lot of our hard work came to fruition.  As soon as we were ready to call it a year and start working on 2010, Dawit gets a call from Tabi Bonney’s production company and he tells me that Bernos is going to be featured on Wale’s video “My Sweetie” off his new album “Attention Deficit.

For those of you who are not familiar with Wale, he is a local rapper who got signed to a major record label and released his album in late 2009.

It was a chilly, dreary and rainy Saturday morning as Dawit came and picked me up to go to the location. We were both excited and sort of unsure on how to proceed with such things. Obviously, we are going there to provide wardrobe and that was it.

However, what we didn’t expect is what really goes on behind the scenes. Tabi Bonney and his production company were directing the video.  Earlier in the week, they had a casting call for African female models in the area for the video.  We were able to bring one of our favorite models, Selam who was gracious enough to accept our offer.

We had to opportunity to meet some local talents who work in the industry. It was also amazing to see the hard work and organization that goes into these type of productions. Wale & Tabi Bonney were gracious enough to accept a few of our tshirts.

Once the video is up and ready for viewing, we’ll upload it and share with you. In the meantime, click here to listen to the single.

25 Responses to “my sweetie”

  1. 1 tsedey

    OMG! you guys, this song has become my fav. after hearing it at a couple of parties already and i had no idea who it was by… and congrats on your new deal! Go Bernos! now back to ‘my sweetie’ :)

  2. 2 Yoel

    Congrats Beshou and the whole team!! Looking forward to the video, the song is already in my top list on my i-pod deck player at home! Good work, all the best in 2010… and more. By the way I just bought a Afrojazz piece for my “sweetie”, she loves it! Peace

  3. 3 Beshou

    Hey Tsedey and Yoel,

    Thanks for the kind words. We appreciate your support. Looking forward to a great 2010 :)

  4. 4 Telisi

    Not impressed by the song. It’s unoriginal and filled with mumbo-jumbo. There are way too many songs,simmilar to this one, already exist.

  5. 5 Nolawi

    LOl about the song… I completely disagree about the song with Telisi…

  6. 6 endalc

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  7. 7 kiki

    Congratulations guys!!! Way to go!! “My sweetie” is a catchy tune… the video sounds interesting too.

    But I do wish I understood what endalc is saying tho.
    “I WAS chite them” that sounds like a brilliant insult…

  8. 8 endalc

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  9. 9 Doro Mata

    who the ef is endalc?!

    sometimes, on busy days, i go to my fav blogs for some indulgence which is like going out and having an ice cream on a sunny afternoon.

    but coming across this person’s comment is like asTelita ye’shintbet zimb marefing on my ice cream. grrr

    keep it up bernosoch’aya!

  10. 10 endalc

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  11. 11 Telisi

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  12. 12 endalc

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  13. 13 GAS

    Is Tabi by any chance related to Bunny Mack, the guy who sings my seewtie. Most of us know the song as my sweetie though the actual title is “Let Me Love You”

  14. 14 tsedey

    so here’s the video..

    i loved it except the money in the hand part.

  15. 15 Rusty Coates

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