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Calling Cards are Rip-Offs 201 Comments

If you have been to those mini-marts at a gas station or made a trip to ethnic store, you are more likely to see these brightly colored phone cards hanging behind the counter. The cards are usually sold in denominations of $2, $5, $10, and $20. Oftentimes, they are the only reliable way for immigrants [...]

Clones or no clones? 95 Comments

How would you react if you discover that the juicy kurte sega you had for dinner last night was from a cloned cow? Well, if the idea of eating a cloned meat doesn’t quite sit well with you, on your next trip to a grocery store, you’d want to check the meat label and see [...]

Cover Charges r Lame! 67 Comments

Have you ever had friends visiting you from out of town, and you decided to take them on a night out only to discover that there is $$ cover charge at the door? Even worse, there is a friggin long line to get in…that’s ludicrous!! In the past few years I’ve lived in the metro [...]

Cohabitation 49 Comments

So it was about a couple of weeks ago, and I was at a book store skimming through the table of contents of “The Economist” until one title caught my eye, “Marriage in America: The frayed knot.” Usually, this is a kind of title that one would least expect to be on ‘The Economist.’ And [...]

Cock Blocking! 44 Comments

No one likes to be cock blocked! Some people might think it’s an art, but if you happen to be one of those people who actually fall victim of a cock block it can be very infuriating. It can even get worse depending on who is cock blocking you; her good girlfriend, her guy friend [...]