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At a New York tribute for the late great Miriam Makeba, I was lucky enough to be sitting in close proximity to my personal old man crush, Mr. Harry Belafonte (he may be old but he’s still hot) when this new artist hit the stage and performed one of my favorite Makeba hits, “Soweto Blues” and for some reason I wanted to see the reaction on Mr. Belafonte’s face as he heard this young beautiful woman’s tribute to Makeba’s Soweto Blues.

Would he be offended and feel like she didn’t do it justice? Or would he see in her what he saw in Miriam when he first heard her sing in London? Would he hear that rawness and beauty in her African voice?

Who knows, as unfortunately, I didn’t overhear him say anything but if the gleaming smile on his face were any indication, I would have to say that he was proud and enamored as he intently listened to Loide bellow out “Soweto Blues”. Her voice was breathtaking, and that we could all agree on!

So who is Loide (pronounced “Loy-deh”)? She is a 04’ Miss Africa International pageant runner up of Bissau/Mozambiqueian linage with a voice that is captivating and raw. Though born in France and raised in California it’s clear to see that she has a deep-rooted connection with Mama Africa both the legend and the continent. As her debut LP “LOIDE, Live at Bohemian Caverns”, which will be available on October 25,2009 is a clear reflection of her Lusophone ancestry.

“LOIDE, Live at the Bohemian Caverns” is a 12 track LP that takes you on a musical and cultural journey that can be enjoyed by everyone, it’s jazzy, it’s raw, and she reflects this new era of the “Afropolitian” representing for those of us that embrace the complexities of our cultures.  Loide finds a way to intertwine the contemporary jazz ranges of Nancy Wilson with the soul of Cesaria Evora, as she eases back and forth from English to her native tongue, Portuguese offering with each track a unique sound and perspective.

Of the 11 tracks, there is a song for everyone but for me there are three (3) favorites “Thank Heaven for You”, as a newlywed who is constantly thankful that I found an African man who adores me, as much as I adore him.  This spiritual love song speaks directly to my soul and my relationship.

Then there is “Don’t Forget” a tribute to Loide’s deceased father about their love and the wisdoms he passed on to his baby girl, forward to another track “Fallin” where she speaks to the hearts of “fast lovers”, singing “my heart fell in love on a Sunday, daydreaming on Monday, by Tuesday cant for wait for the next day”…

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Her vocals are backed by some of the greatest African musicians, such as Mongezi Ntaka, the original guitarist of the late South African Reggae vocalist, Lucky Dube.

Ntaka who also co-wrote this project with Loide gives her interpretation of Dube’s  “Daddy Remember Me” an air of authenticity.  Other notable mentions are her interpretations of Sade’s “Love is Stronger than Pride” and “Sodade” which is sung entirely in Portuguese-Creole.

This album and her music serves as my ammunition for my next musical debate with my father who is constantly challenging me find music that is comparable to the music of his era. So the next time he asks “what are you listening too?” I will say to him Loide, this is my music.
Article by: Nana Eyeson-Akiwowo

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  1. 1 preston

    love what i hear so far. truly hope i’m able to get my hands on a copy out here in the Yay-Area!

  2. 2 Dinich

    This is wat I d call real music all around…..I am sure ur dad will luv her…..she sounds cross generational

  3. 3 DawitK

    Awesome write-up…I just finished listening to the entire album and I can assure you that almost every single track is worth you going out to get the CD. Great job Loide!

  4. 4 Tracy

    Loide is amazing! She is going to sing at my wedding reception. I can’t wait to see her on Sunday at her CD release party. Good luck Loide!

  5. 5 Johann

    GREAT job Loide!!! Awesome Awesome Awesome!!!

  6. 6 Bibi

    I just read on twitter that people were upset Lil Wayne was going to jail because he produced “quality music.” Sigh. While the world is literally going crazy with what they think good music is, Loide is our therapy. Thank you for sanity!

  7. 7 Kamilah

    I’ve been following Loide and her music for years and every time I hear her sing live, I get the chills. She actually sang at our wedding and so her (and her voice) will always hold a special place in my heart. Go out and buy the CD. Soooo worth every cent and more!

  8. 8 Aundria Cosby

    Wow Loide this is awesome. I cant wait to hear you at Bohemian Caverns. I absolutely love your music! God has tuly blessed you with such a precious gift. Cant wait to see you on Oprah one day!:)

  9. 9 LL

    Good Job LJ! Can’t wait to hear the whole album…Big tings a Gwan!!!! ;-)

  10. 10 Paulos

    great job honeyvoice. will bring it Sun for your autograph.

  11. 11 ILOVEHAJI

    This sexy brown sista’ has ahellava voice. We love the vibe Loide. Keep it up!

  12. 12 Farai!

    She sings with such conviction and elegance! The Bohemian Caverns is a fitting place for her coming out party! History in the making.

  13. 13 Tyoung

    Great voice…great music

  14. 14 Andre Smith

    WOW Loide!! Great job!! I can’t wait to scoop the whole album.

  15. 15 Moorosi

    If music be the food of love play on. Loide, this is exceptional. The melodies are unbelievable. I know Mama Africa is looking down, smiling, and nodding that the torch is well passed. I love what I hear and know so will many!!!!!!

  16. 16 lo

    hey u all rock!! this is wut the music is all about! so that we be moved! and move we shall!! thanx for diggn the sounds amigos y amigas!!

  17. 17 Kavuli Mwethya Nyali

    Loide is absolutely amazing! We want her here in South Africa!!!

  18. 18 Chris Chun

    This is beautiful. . .

  19. 19 endac

    hi .oll our friends . sorry i have long time .mothan .two weeks ago .i was estop. to do something chate .and tookien with you .know i ll bake .agen .

  20. 20 Janice

    Loide, this is awesome. I have been following you with the music for several years and it is great to see that you are having great success with good music. You bring much pride to African heritage. I continue to with you the best and to all others, support the music.

  21. 21 lo

    Btw, you can buy CD’s on line at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/loiderosajorge

  22. 22 Jazz Lover

    I had the pleasure of hearing her perform live once, about a year ago. She has a very beautiful voice. In person, she is always confident and graceful.

  23. 23 Stan Burrel

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  24. 24 Canasta Spielen

    grandiosa roladese mi ralsiquia te gramovamo adosid entesbam. amolol te prento pexoeria nos incia o alibealos icomo mucabi bien.

  25. 25 Chantal Curran

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